Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Get Out of the Car, and Regain Possession of the Computer

While I love having First Daughter home from college, it does mean additional work as "Taxi Mom". She was a premature baby, and while not legally blind, her vision is not good enough for a driver's license. Since Second Daughter doesn't have her license yet (and is back in school, anyway), I drive them both to their many activities. While I love the chance to have a captive audience, it's nice to have a morning off from driving.

First Daughter has spent alot of this vacation filling out grad school applications, all of which is done on the computer these days, and none of which is standardized. It also  requires that you repeatedly bug the people you asked for references to go to yet another website, find the proper forms, and submit your references themselves. (Note to any admissions staff: this is much more of an imposition than just a letter that they can make copies of, especially if they are not computer savy.)

Since her laptop's hard drive had recently suffered a meltdown (during finals week, with papers on it, but that's another story), she has hogged occupied the home computer. But, yesterday her new laptop arrived (yeah, Fed Ex guy!), and I can get on the family computer again!

Not everything I have been working on during my brief stints out of the car is camera ready yet, but I did photograph a checkbook cover that I made First Daughter to go with a handbag and notepad cover that I had made her for Christmas. Over the summer, she had joined me one day when I was painting fabric. I used this piece of painted canvas for the bottom portion of the bag.

This was made with the Desk Deli Lunch Tote Pattern, designed by Penny Sturges, and available from Quilts Illustrated. It is called a lunch tote, but she plans to use it as a regular bag. The made-to-go-with napkin is becoming a handkerchief (try not to think about it). This was an easy and fun pattern to use, as it lets you combine many different fabrics into one bag. If I were to make it for use as an actual lunch tote, I would probably try using Insul-Bright batting for temperature control.

With leftover scraps, I made her a notebook cover.

Then she requested a checkbook cover.

This pretty much uses up all her fabric, except one 3 inch square. Now what could we make with that....

This house has been feeling cold and drafty lately, so the rabbits have spent the last few days tucked up against the heater.

That is Weasley, the hedonist, with his backside up against the baseboard. Even Ginny cuddled up, but it's warmer today, and they are Up To Stuff. I'm off to remove Ginny from the old chair that she is eating, and stitch a binding onto that charity quilt. Or maybe take a walk while the sunshine lasts.

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