Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Bet You Are Wondering

if I managed to finish out Art Every Day Month. Well, amazingly, I did. Even with some travelling thrown in. Luckily this project was nice and compact, an easy one to carry along. I was able to sit at The Southern Daughter's table and play while she cooked!

Thank you all for the nice things you said about the last batch of fabric pictures. As a bonus, one of my brothers even left a comment. That really warms a sister's heart. Also, I'm so happy that shell and RG think the one of shell looks like her. I wonder if I will ever get to the point where I'm not surprised that someone recognizes what I've made?

Here is the final batch.

Day 20
More positive feedback. My husband recognized that the fish was supposed to be a tuna.
Day 21
 These guys look like trouble....

Day 22
See Jensen hiding in this one?


 Day 23
I have no idea how this one with a large reptile happened. I'm not really a reptile person.
Day 24
This one was done after spending an afternoon with shell and the Buns. 

 Day 25
My Southern Daughter says this will be her house some day. She loves a porch. And horses.
Day 26
The owl showed himself in some splotches of paint on the fabric. 
 Day 27
Another llama appeared, and I think maybe those women are the faces of Fate. Or maybe the Triple Goddess. Or both.
 Day 28
Took a long trail walk with the family and dog, and saw a bluebird. That's not a bird that I get to see very often.
 Day 29
My goofy dog, aka my Knight in fuzzy armor..
 Day 30
A catbird to finish off the month. Some summers we have had catbirds that would follow us around the yard, scolding us if we picked their berries. 

That's the lot. I have already done a little stitching on these. A "red thread of connection" has been sewn across some part of each one. Now I need to layer them up with batting, and begin the actual quilting. The hand stitching should be a good stress reliever as Christmas approaches. I am definitely not ready for it. Are you?

One last thing. I want to offer apologies to Mr. Mick for only getting his likeness onto one piece. I promise to make amends for that shortcoming in the near future. Maybe I should send him some rum, too. Think that will do the trick?