Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Quilting Begins

Remember all those drawings that I made on fabric with Inktense pencils waaaay back in November? Well, I've finally gotten back to them.  The holiday season always throws me for a loop. I also find it hard to work with other people in the house, as I feel like I should be doing something for them. Do you have this problem, too?  Now the Husband is back to work, and the Curly One is back at school, and I am digging my way out from under.

This is the stack of 30 quiltlets all layered up and ready to stitch. Each one is about 6 by 9 inches. (Do you like the tray on the wall? It's an old TV tray from , what would it be, the 1950's?)

I tried to get bunny approval. Here you can see Jensen looking at the stack suspiciously.

He approached, sniffed, and kept right on going. Buttercup kept her back turned the entire time I was presenting these. It seems the little quilts are not up to bunny standards yet.

I guess I'll have to try harder during the quilting phase if I want the nibble of approval....

Monday, January 19, 2015

A New Year, A New Project

My camera is nothing fancy, a little Canon Powershot, several years old. I've always just used it on automatic, letting the camera do all the figuring. This year I want to (finally) learn how to use the programmable settings. Downloading the instructions was a start. To make sure that I actually used the directions, I signed up for a Project 365 group on Flickr.

You may have seen some of these groups on-line. There is the original Project 365. Most of the social media sites have groups with the same type of daily project. Some have more rules than others. The group I've joined is fairly laid-back and welcoming.

Since we are already 2/3 of the way through January, I thought I would show you my photos so far. Most of them were taken while walking Knight. These are in no particular date order.

The top left is rocks in my yard, using the vivid color setting. The Christmas lights used the night setting. I think the other two were automatic. A squall was coming in over the hockey players.

The picture in the middle doesn't look like much, but in real-life it was very interesting. A nearby pond had frozen, thawed, and refrozen, causing these star or snowflake-shaped holes to form. There were a bunch of them, but to get any detail at all, I had to zoom way in. They were about 2 feet in diameter. Does anyone know if this happens often? I've never noticed it before.

On the right,  another snow squall makes my neighbor's shed look like a Christmas card. In the middle, a cheery bit of green. On the left, one of Knight's favorite things. I keep telling him not to be such a cliché.

Speaking of Knight, here he is in dragon slaying mode.

On days too cold to go outside, I photographed a stack of papers with the corner of a folded up bunny tunnel. Also, some clamps in the workshop. The last one is my parking spot at the MFA, with some Photoshop lighting effects.

You may have seen the pictures above on Facebook. It's amazing how good zooming in can make things look. Just like in the garden in the summer!

Of course the bunnies haven't been left out. Here is Jensen, looking regal.

And finally Buttercup, grooming. Or maybe plotting. Not sure. What I do know is that she has gotten the most views of any of my pictures for this project so far. But then, that is the way it should be, right?