Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Day, Another Mouthful of Fur

"Can you believe it, Jensen? She's still trying."
"I know, right? Beans just aren't very bright."
"Well, if she can keep going, so can we. Now whose turn is it to bite today?"
"I believe it's your turn, Beautiful. Try not to break the skin, OK?"
"No promises, Dear, no promises!"
Yes, RG, we are still trying. Always the optimist, you know? I want to thank everyone for their encouraging words, including Brandi, Micky and Jade, and Annette. Hopefully, like Gina said, the gates can come down soon.
As far as Buttercup's past, for the last year, she has been in a very nice foster home. Maybe it was even too peaceful for a bun who was destined for our house. There is a very good reason my husband is nicknamed "Crash".... She's making progress, though. She even ran up to me for petting this morning!
We'll finish up with one more picture of the girl. Here she is showing off her "long" legs. At least I'm pretty sure there are legs there somewhere!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bonding Update

We are still working on the bonding, in a two steps forward, one step back kind of way. It has never taken me so long to get a pair to bond before, but both Buttercup and Jensen seem to have some social anxiety issues. We decided to stop working on it for awhile (except for swithching their spaces back and forth), and work on Buttercup's issues. She has had a hard time getting used to being right in the middle of the house, but she is getting there.  She will now come running for morning 'nana' and bedtime craisins, and sometimes she even sticks around for some pats.

Here are some pictures of yesterday's lunch.

Buttercup eating salad, Jensen wishing he were. Don't feel bad for him. He had more than her, and ate it all before she even started. After eating salad, you must always wash your face.

And your back, too. What? You don't do that? Barbarian!
After her bath, Buttercup wants to get in the other room. Not because Jensen is there. Because the tunnel is there. Buttercup loves the tunnel. 

Since she is getting happier, we have resumed bonding rides.  

Hopefully they take to each other soon. The gates are getting to be a hassle....