Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jensen At Work

Mom made some mini quilts. She says they are going to become notebook covers.

Of course, before they do, I need to check them out.

Time for an ingestion. Inspection! I mean inspection.  

OK, I may have had a little nibble. Just needed to check the fiber content.

Mom will have to do a better job if she wants my approval,


 these strawberries are seriously lacking in flavor....

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jensen Claims A Chair

Jensen has been making himself at home here, and keeping me quite entertained. He is so adventurous and full of energy that he is always making me laugh. Every evening he joins us in the living room for awhile. After climbing all over us, and exploring the window sill, he makes his way to what has become his chair.

He spends some time grooming himself, and then takes off again.

This is how he stakes his claim. (Apologies for the NCIS in the background).


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jensen Takes Over

We are crazy about our new Boy, but he is a real handful. I keep telling people that I think he was a cat in his last 9 lives. And I'm pretty sure Curiosity killed him in every single life! He's very Alpha, and also very Underfoot.  My camera has been busy, but I'll just show you a few recent pictures. Jensen can narrate.

Hi, all my new Bunfriends! My new Mom has been reading all your stories to me. I'm not that good at reading yet myself, cause I'm only 5 (months), but I'm getting there. I've been having fun getting to know my new home. It has a race track that I can run around and around. It has a mountain that I can run up and down, with a gate at the top that Mom sometimes leaves open. There's a whole other world up there! There is a big squishy couch that I can detour onto when I'm racing. One leap into the center, and then I can bounce onto the window sill. If I'm really lucky, Mom forgets to move the Basil plant, and I get to harvest.
So anyway, there's this big chair.  Apparently it used to belong to some Dame Doe named Ginny. It's a pretty nice chair. Very cushy.

Now, it is MY chair.

I order that it be so, and so it shall be.

Mom still won't let me get in the Magic Closet. But if any Bun wants to come visit, there is lots of room up here in my chair. [Spell check must be run by Bunnies. It suggested "doom" instead of "room".-Karen] Even the foo' gerbil is welcome. Just don't climb in my ear, OK?
Later, Dudes. Gotta' run!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

There's A Spot On My Palette!

It's a good thing all the paint was dry, or somebunny's backside would be very colorful!

Jensen absolutely loves to be in anything that even remotely looks like a container. Guess I'll need to find another place to stash the art supplies. I had forgotten how goofy a young bunny can be. (Don't tell him I said that!)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Getting Acclimated

Hi, Everybun! We are back, after an extended Holiday vacation. My girls are around so infrequently, that I like to immerse myself in family when they are home. I hope all my Blog friends had a good holiday, too. And that Mickey's head has healed up. You 'd think he was old enough to know better by now.....

We have some news here. This afternoon we are welcoming a new family member. His name is Jensen, and he's about 5 months old. Right now, he's in a crate in the kitchen, while he gets used to the sounds of our house. After dinner, we'll let him out to explore the kitchen, and then he can conquer the rest of the house tomorrow.


Apparently he's already been returned to the shelter once, partly because he has a habit of fighting with his brother, who was adopted with him. We'll see how it goes, but seriously, just look at that face. Irresistible, right?


He's the only rabbit we've ever had who got into the carrier and flopped out long while riding in the car. I hope he continues to take everything in stride.

And by the way, Speedy. Jensen hasn't been here long enough to go out closet jumping yet. Of course, you could always come visit....