Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Friday, March 6, 2015

Still Snapping

So remember that Project 365 photography journey I had started on? Well, I've managed two whole months plus now. Here are a few of the shots I've taken recently.

These three are from January. See how bare the ground was on January 22? Then the snow started, and just kept falling. That picture of the gate to the veggie garden? That day, January 28, may well have been the last day we saw it. The side rails have started to re-emerge only during the last few days.

Of course, winter was a double whammy this year. Besides record snow fall, we had record cold. Some days I only went out just as long as it took Knight to do what he had to do. On those days, the basement with The Husband's tools and assorted junk came in very handy.


When Knight and I had finally had enough, and really wanted to go for a good walk, we jumped in the car and headed to N.C., to hang out with the Southern Daughter. Her city has a wonderful downtown, and I got some pictures there. Her cat Socks had some photo sessions, too. We did bring a bit of the snow down with us. Not much, just enough to get her a snow day from work, so she could walk the dog.

Some days it is harder than others to figure out what to photograph. During my hotel stay on the way back north, the only thing that looked halfway exciting was a light on the wall.

Sometimes the photographs  don't turn out very interesting. Maybe because he was missing Buttercup, who was in the hospital, these Jensen pictures were just lackluster. So, I posterized him in Photoshop. Buttercup is now home, and doing much better.

On the display of my camera, I can't see well enough with my bad eyes to tell what the pictures really look like. One day, all I had were some blurry photos of collard leaves. Generally, I like to keep alterations of my pictures to a minimum, but since all I had was a mess, I decided to go wild. The vein on the leaf was slightly altered, the picture solarized, colors enhanced, and then a fabric weave pattern was added into the veins. What do you think?

Getting bored with snow pictures? Me, too. With any luck spring will arrive soon, and the budding flowers and trees will re-energize my photography. Read my lips, Mother Nature. No new snow! Please?