Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Don't Touch My Toes!

Weasley was looking very relaxed this evening.

I tried to sneak up on his feet.

I got pretty close. Bunny feet are so hard to resist, aren't they?

But, he wasn't going to stand for it.

How can somebun who can't see be so good at giving me the hairy eyeball?

On a weirder note, I kept having the same dream over and over last night. It had something to do with a bird wearing ruffled underpants. They looked a lot like the ruffly diaper covers my girls used to wear with their dresses a loooong time ago.... It was a bit like this picture.

Then, on my way home from driving my daughter to work, a hawk swooped down in front of my car. It had a bird in it's talons. It's swoop brought it very close to the front of the car, which startled the hawk so much that he let go of the smaller bird. While the hawk followed through on his swoop, the little bird took off rapidly in the other direction. It was an amazing sight. And, neither of those birds was wearing ruffled underpants, although I suspect there was quite a few ruffled feathers!  


The Fab Furs said...

Weasley sensed a disturbance in the force and disapproved of the lack of treat smells in the offing. As to the bird in ruffled underpants, we have no interpretation; the passage of your car was a lucky thing for one bird and an unlucky thing for the predator. Perhaps the dream will continue tonight and lead you to an understanding of its meaning.

bunnits said...

Don't mess with da toes.

Maybe the bird in ruffled pants dream was an omen of the ruffled feathers to come.

Crafty Green Poet said...

bunnies are wise and can sense all sorts of things,

Jade said...

Can't blame you for being unable to resist those feet, but ooooh, I hope you survived that scathing disapproval without too much damage--that's a look that would fry bacon.

As for the ruffled undies dream, I can't help you there. I've had some weird dreams like that before, though--ones that also repeat, although the repeats are usually spaced relatively far apart(thank goodness).

Lisa said...

If I try to touch anybun in the foot or leg area whatsoever, they jump up immediately and go all fight or flight on me. At least one of my bunnies has a reason for that...

What a creative imagination you have! Ruffled underpants?! lol. Glad the real birds were both ok.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Ahhh bunny feet. Gotta love them and indeed, so hard to resist!

As for the ruffled undies...hmmm...hmmm...nope, no idea at all. Love your sketch though! Totally fun! I can see some sarcastic stitcheries coming from that and I'm loving it!
xx, shell