Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finally Awake After Eating All That Turkey

OK, I'm a little slow getting started post-Thanksgiving. There is a lot of comment answering, and blog reading that needs to be done. What I have been doing, is enjoying the unseasonably warm weather outside. I even took some sewing outside on Sunday!

I finished this little quilt. It was for the Three Creative Studios Color Palette Challenge, for July. Just a little late, but at least it's done. I used the same "tile" technique that I've been using for these quilts, but didn't fill in all the space. Carousels are an important part of the history of Broome County, NY, which is where I grew up.

Carousel, 12" square

The thread sketch is the Older Daughter, with a horse she trained while in high school.

Carousel, detail

The second quilt that I finished was also for a Color Palette Challenge, this time for October. To commemorate our trip to Maine, I made a moose.

Maine Moose, 12" square

For the thread sketch on this one, I added pine boughs. I haven't done much thread sketching on dark fabric, and I didn't realize how much lighter the thread would look once the stabilizer was dissolved. What looked like very strong branches, pretty much disappeared against the dark fabric. I'd like to say I learned my lesson, but probably I will forget by the next time I work on dark fabric....

Maine Moose, detail

I've been working on some other moose, also. This is a rather colorful herd. 

Should have them finished up tomorrow. Then I'm thinking about hauling out a UFO in colors that remind me of the sunrise we had yesterday.It was an amazing sight to wake up to.

Today's sunrise was almost as beautiful, but the clouds quickly filled in the sky. Looks like it will be another wet Wednesday tomorrow for Weasley.


bunnits said...

Great quilts!

I love your thread sketching. I tried several years ago, but didn't really have the time to practice, so it fell to the wayside.

Watch out for all those moose. They are too cute not to get into trouble.

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a beautiful sunset and such lovely quilts. The thread sketch of your daughter is amazing

Jade said...

LOVE that Maine Moose! At first I thought those were actual rocks and I'm looking at it saying to myself, "Wait, I thought she said she had finished it..." Reminds me of the rocks I see when I go to the river--all worn-down and river-polished.

I am loving this weather--now if it would only last until next summer... :)

Michelle May said...

Wonderful quilts! You are sooooooo good at thread sketching!!!! Jealous! I stink at it!
Love that sky too. Just makes me feel warm and happy to look at it.

Karen S said...

I love the horsies and the moosies! Your thread-sketching is the bomb!

Gina said...

Great quilts, love what you did with the moose quilt!