Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Monday, October 14, 2013

Art Journaling On Monday

You may have seen it around the webs. Over the last few years, art journaling has become quite a hot topic (you can find some basics here). I wasn't that interested to start with. All the examples that I saw were way beyond my fledgling art abilities, and the participants seemed extremely serious and earnest about their journal work, with lots of large social and spiritual subjects being addressed.

Then, my life started to change. The last year and a half have seen a transition, from one phase of my life to another. I've had a lot of decisions to make, and stuff to deal with, both my own, and my larger family. Early in this phase, I started keeping an art journal to help me cope. I was very formal about it, setting aside specific time for it, meditating first, trying to delve deep into the issues at hand. It was helpful, but I just couldn't keep it going.

Since that first effort, I have taken several art courses, in person, and on-line. Although I'm not all the way there yet, I've gotten more comfortable with paint, and drawing, and maybe even with myself. I'm not a formal, organized person, and that's just the way it is (you may have noticed that!). There is hardly a piece of paper around here that doesn't end up with doodles on it. This includes newspapers, bills, grocery lists, Yahtzee score sheets, everything.  With the painting classes, I am always finding myself with extra, unused paint on my palette that I hate to see go to waste. So, I've been creating a new art journal, and this is some of the stuff that is going into it.
  1. Doodles on scraps of paper
  2. Leftover paint
  3. Pictures that I find inspirational
  5. My own writing
  6. Lists
  7. Sketches for other projects
And over the top, more painting, drawing, writing, a little of everything. It's going to travel with me, sit with me in front of the Patriot's games on TV, spend time on the kitchen counter, and probably get coffee and spaghetti sauce stains on it. And it's going to be fun. I still have a lot of adjustiments to make in my life, some easy, some not. But I intend to keep having fun in my art journal along the way.

Here is a recent page, that started with leftover paint. In the smears I saw an angel, so I invited her to come forward.

I'm not much of a glitter person, but her wings seemed to need some. Now, of course, there is glitter everywhere! And below, you can see the facing page. Definitely not formal, but fun! If you are wondering about the tape, it's because the pages of this mixed-media notebook have perforations, and when I get the pages really wet, they tend to want to separate. That's OK, because it gives me a chance to play with some of the cool tapes that are on the market these days.

I know that there are some very creative and talented people who read this blog. Have you ever tried art journaling? What did you think of it? How has your style developed over time? If you haven't tried it, I encourage you to grab a grocery list, and start doodling some fun!


speedyrabbit said...

thats something I have never tried,and I'm still trying to set up my art corner in the back bedroom just need a desk now then I can play around with my arty stuff with out having to put it all away when I need to stop.that will be better for me and my creativity,love the angel,xx Rachel

Thumper S. Thompson said...

Hi Karen, I'm a new follower to your blog and just wanted to say hi and thanks for this post as it looks as if I may follow your example you've set here by picking up some loose ends I've left around and tying them into a nice ribbon, figuratively. Enjoy your art journal!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Haven't done that. Might down the road a bit. Thanks for the examples.

bunnits said...

Thanks for sharing these journal entries. I have not tried art journaling, but think I might give it a try.

Gina said...

Fun journal pages! I don't keep a journal but I do have a few sketchbooks scattered about the house so that I can jot down ideas or sketch them out as they come to me. Occasionally I do make a few 'finished' pages in those sketchbooks but not often enough to say I journal. Maybe I'll get there one day.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Your pages are lovely!

I keep thinking about art journalling, but so far have never actually done it, maybe i should start

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Gorgeous! Isn't it fun when you can just let your mind wander? So many amazing things can come to be if we let ourselves be free. :)