Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Friday, November 19, 2010

A Little Bit Of Everything

Just a final word on my post about the word FOOT.  Maybe Weasley's feet aren't the hairiest ones in the house! These feet belong to the Second Daughter, and yes, they have had their rabies shots.

Last night, I attended a meeting of my quilt guild, The Material Girls Quilt Guild of Central Massachusetts. It was tool night, and we had demonstrations of many cool new gadgets, including the GO Cutter.   Since I'm not really into accuracy, I won't be buying one, but it was fun to see. 

The women who run Sew Fresh Fabrics were also there, selling gorgeous fabrics that literally had me drooling. Despite having just said two days ago that I can't buy anymore fabric, because the lids to the storage boxes no longer close, I was  unable to stop myself from acquiring these fabrics. I heard them say that they pick and choose from the newest fabrics out, instead of purchasing entire lines of fabric.These are from various manufacturers, which is OK with me. I don't worry about who made the fabric, as long as it does what I want it to do. 

That blue fabric on the left looks as if it should feel like barkcloth, but it is very soft. They also donated a packet of fabrics to be auctioned off to guild members, and I was excited to have my name picked.  I went home with these bright beauties.

I also bought this fabric, because it made me think of a fabric that I have had in my stash for a long time. Look closely. Don't you love the bird perched on the arm of the couch?

This is the fabric that the one above reminded me of. It came out of my husband's Grandmother's attic.What do you think, is it 1950's? Or maybe 1960's?  Anyway, I've never seen anything else like it. I have three repeats of this scene. Several years back, I donated two repeats to a guild auction. I never saw anything made from them, so maybe the fabric stumped the receiver as much as it has stumped me. I do love it, though.

Here is a close-up of the balcony.

And another of the orchestra. You know I love a tuba player!

Besides buying fabric, I have also been working on making my own design. I carved this stamp based on some sketches I did of church windows in downtown Leominster last week, while waiting for the marching band to perform on Veteran's Day.  There are a LOT of churches, and the range of architectural styles is amazing.

I wasn't sure how it would print on fabric, but it seems to be OK. I think I need a larger brush (there must be one around here somewhere), to get the paint on a bit faster, and more evenly, and then pay close attention to applying even pressure.

So now I have yet another piece of fabric that I need to figure out how to use! But that's the fun part, right?

Have a very Hoppy weekend, everybunny.!


The Vegetarian Hunter said...

Hi Karen,
For your stencil, have you thought about using a roller? You can get from the hardware store a kit that has a small (3 or 4 inch) roller and tray. This would let you get the paint on really fast and even!
That panel you found in the attic is just amazing - what a great find. Maybe instead of letting it stump you, you could use it as a feature block, the whole pattern istelf and then just add boarders or squares and borders around it? That is what I would do with it.

natalee said...

First I love the slippers in the pix.. next i was thinking of you last night at the Montclair Art Museum in nj guess who was a guess speaker??? thats right.. the quilting queen Faith Ringgold

The Fab Furs said...

The slippers are nice, but they're not bunny slippers. The fabric looks like an Edward Gorey illustration like they use on PBS' Mystery.

Jade said...

Love the slippers, but what do the buns think of them? I have two pair of suede slippers with sheepskin lining, and Mickey is not terribly fond of them, especially when I am wearing them. I think it's because they hide the smell of my feet.

The fabric is glorious; love the bird on couch and the orchestra patterns. The red couch reminds me of one I had back when I lived in Fitchburg, only mine was (I kid you not) peacock blue and lime green.

Michelle May said...

Hey now! Those are some fab slippers!

Ok, so your stamp you carved is just down right gorgeous!!! I love how it stamped out onto the fabric. What popped into my head first was using it for journal covers.

Lucky you on winning fabrics! Fun! I also love the blue and white fabric you purchased. Would look cute in an apron.

xx, shell

Katie :o) said...

Love the furry feet! Glad they are up-to-date on shots :o) And what fun fabrics! I am emerging from a blogging hiatus... glad to catch back up :o) My verification word is "lubichop". Somehow, that makes me laugh!

Lisa said...

I love how the buns sit between her feet like that! So cute!! I think I actually have the same slippers, received as a gift, but I can't wear them. Sogna seems to find them "irresistible" and er, gets naughty, every time I wear them.

LOVE all the fabrics! That theater fabric is wild!! I love it. Maybe some kind of a pillow, or a centerpiece to a quilt, perhaps as a gift for a theater enthusiast in your life?

Your new print looks like it's going to be lovely.