Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Saturday, November 6, 2010

We Disapprove Of Mom

Weasley here. Ginny says I have to do this, because she usually does all the work. Kids these days! No respect! Anyway, this is what we think of Mom right now.

First, she shooed Ginny out of the bathroom, even though the space behind the washing machine was desperately calling Ginny's name. I have faith in my daughter, though. She will get there someday. Then, Mom made me get out of the pile of fabric scraps, where I was taking a nice nap. She says she doesn't want to wash the scraps again, just because I can't tell the difference between the scrap pile and a litter box! I know the difference. The scraps are warmer and softer. No hay though, except the leftovers stuck to my fur. That's for snacks when I wake up from my nap, except when my nap is rudely interrupted.

Now Mom is saying that I should show you pictures of the tiny thread sketches she just finished, as studies for something larger. I don't know why I should. Oh, wait. She's getting the papaya bag.

OK, here goes. Mom made these tiny 11 inch quilts from her hand-dyed fabrics using thread sketching techniques. I don't know what that means.The first one is some yucky predators.

The second one is a giant herbivore, who probably hogs all the hay out there in the wild. I'm glad I'm in here.

Now to go get those treats! I hope your weekend is full of treats, too.

Ginny, wait. You have to share with your old Dad. Kids!


Jade said...

oooh, a Double Bunny Butt O'Snub--I don't know if my heart could stand that strong a disapproval. Your poor Mom. I hope the treats have brought her back into your good graces.

The mini-quilts are gorgeous, although I couldn't help but think that with a few more all stitched together, that'd be a great wilderness-lovers throw.

Crafty Green Poet said...

the quilts are lovely, such delicate thread sketching!

The Fab Furs said...

Lovely quilts! You could always sit on them Weasley, and negate the disturbing images and then you wouldn't get in trouble for sitting in the pile of fabric scraps, would you? Good luck getting Ginny to share the treats!

bunnits said...

Well, Weas, there's no accounting for taste with us humans. Looks like Mom was headed for a good bit of trouble, but I believe the stitchery redeems her. You might want to give her a bit of a break.

Katie :o) said...

Oh, you guys crack me up!!! Love it when the bunnies post :o)

Lisa said...

MOM?! How could you.
Doesn't mom ever make you your own quilt or maybe a nice little box of scraps?

How fast their fur grows back! I'm quite impressed!!!

Nice little studies. I'm intrigued!

natalee said...

Omg.. you are truly an artist.. thread stitching is sooo delicate... im following you now!!!

Karen S said...

Wow! Really nice thread-sketching! The bunnies are cute, too...

Michelle May said...

What is it with bunnies using different things for a litter area? Harrington has discovered it's just so much fun to dig all the litter out of the box and throw it all over Bunnyville! Rotten boy!
Love your thread sketches girlfriend. You have such a talent for them!
xx, shell