Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday In The Garden

(EDIT: I know its not Friday. This was scheduled to post last Friday, and apparently never did. Thanks, Blogger! Hopefully this explains the more recent posts, and my lack of activity around the Web.) 

It's definitely fall in the garden. I always love the color of the asters, and we have a bumper crop of them this year.

While it may be feeling like fall, I'm headed off on a stretch-out-the-summer sort of adventure. Computer time will be limited, so I may not be around much over the next week. Don't worry about Weasley. He will be in the capable hands of the husband in the evening, and a friend of ours will be bunny-sitting during the day. I'm sure he will be totally spoiled.

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The Fab Furs said...

This does explain how you were "suddenly" transported to the beach.