Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Saturday, December 31, 2011

Final Project of 2011

I decided to finish up 2011 with a project that will make 2012 a little greener around here. I made a stack of new cloth napkins. These are everyday, utility-type napkins, not anything fancy. They are actually made from a cloth used to make diaper liners, which makes them very soft, and of course, absorbent. That was an idea that I had seen around the web sometime in 2011, but I don't remember exactly where.

Here is how the project went. First I cut a bunch of 16 1/2 inch squares. Why that size? It was what fit on the material, and it looked like a useful size.

Next, I turned the edges under 1/4 inch, pressed, and repeated, so the raw edges are not exposed. The corners were turned in and mitered, and then held in place with a pin. Sorry the picture is so blurry. I didn't check the photos until the sewing was done, so I couldn't retake it.

To add pizazz, I stitched the edges down using a decorative stitch, and green thread to match my kitchen walls.

And here you have it, a nice, big, stack of basic  napkins to use in 2012 instead of the paper napkins that I have been using far too many of. I'm really loving the softness of these.

Now Weasley is demanding some snuggle time, so I am off to cuddle him (and the Husband, if Weasley allows), and watch the ball drop in Times Square. I hope you are all having a fun and safe New Year's Eve.

See you tomorrow for our Giveaway (check it out here if you have missed it).


Mary Grace McNamara said...

What a great idea, Karen! I should do the same thing for us. We go through far too many paper napkins around here and they are hardly dirty when they get tossed! Except on pizza night! Where did you get your soft fabric?


Jade said...

Very, very cool project! If I didn't already have a full plate of projects, I'd be thinking about something like that. Happy New Year! Give Weasley a snuggle for me (and tell him that he needs to sha
re you a little, hubbies need love too. :) )

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Happy New Year, may goodnesses of all sorts abound.

Gina said...

Nice napkins and good idea on the fabric you chose! I love having cloth napkins. You have me thinking it's time to make some new ones! (oh how the 2012 list is growing!)

SixBunnies said...

I am going to do that, too! Thanks! Weasley snuggles are so important!