Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Catching Up With Everybun

Hi, everybun. Bet you were wondering where we've been. I've been right here, Mom's the one who has been out and about.  Since she's on the couch with her leg up in the air after a rather dim-witted maneuver, she said I could make her long catchup post for her.

First Mom and Dad went to Pittsburgh, because my Oldest Sister was wearing a funny suit at Chatham University.  Mom says she got her Master's in OT, but she isn't really finished till she finishes her field work in a couple of weeks. Not sure what field work means (or OT either, actually), but I'm guessing it has something to do with hay.

While they were there, they were happy to meet Emily Eckel, who makes dolls and buttons, and lots of other things. She is also one of my sister's professors.

Apparently Chatham is a very beautiful campus, so they spent some time looking at the fancy buildings.

The room below was once an indoor swimming pool.

"Oh, Romeo!"

They walked the meditation labyrinth on campus. I prefer to meditate while meat-loafed in the sun.

They spent time watching the wildlife. Mom says it's where Rachel Carson went to school. She wrote "Silent Spring", a book that is very important to us non-human beings.

Mom told me that the Mom and Dad Ducks were nearby, so these guys weren't alone. There was also an Uncle, and then a Stranger Drake that the Duck Mom chased away.

Most importantly, they saw some of my distant relatives.

They also spent some time enjoying the beautiful, busy neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.

 Mom likes to sit at the outdoor tables and people watch. They had fun visiting Pittsburgh. They should take me next time. I'd be a hit at the cafes.

Then, Mom came home the long way, and spent some time at her Mom and Dad's house. Meanwhile, the Curly One and I were at home, emptying out her room. She and Mom spent a couple of days painting it bright yellow when Mom got home. That was smelly.

Next, Mom spent some time working in the garden, planting veggies, and weeding. She says the roses are looking very good this year, especially this bush that died way back last year.

The lupines and roses are nice together, or so she tells me.

And apparently, rhododendron goes well with lupine, too.

Mom says she is especially enjoying the poppies this year.

She should be doing more garden work now, but yesterday she tripped over a step. Her head was probably in outer space, like usual. She almost put her head through a glass door, but all she did was mess up her knee that was finally healing from last fall.

That means the Curly One is still taking care of me. Good thing she's a real sweetie. 

I love my sisters.

Well, that's it. We are all caught up. I'll make sure Mom stays on the ball from now on. Or, I may have to eat a UFO.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

"meat loafed in the sun"? Oh kay!

Looks like they had a nice trip, but sorry to hear about messing up the knee!

Have a great summer, and tell your other little bunny friends to leave our spinach alone!


speedyrabbit said...

Oh dear tell mum to be more careful,but its sounds like she had a lovely trip too.We love the picture of you having a cuddle on the curly one,Speedy likes a cuddle on me too!Oh Speedy say's to tell that you can hold onto his tail any time and that he's sending you nose bonks too!

Jade said...

Congrats to Oldest Sister on getting her Master's! My brother is getting ready to get his (as soon as he gets his thesis done--although at the rate my brother gets schoolwork done, that may take a few years).

The flowers looks absolutely lovely, although messing up the knee in the process is not. Mr. Mick sends some healing nose bonks and bunny kisses to your mom, Weasley--and we both think it's great that you have sisters who love and take such good care of you (Mick says he's still trying to sell The Boy on eBun, but no offers so far.)

Crafty Green Poet said...

that looks like a lovely campus!

Lorna Appleby said...

Wow - her master's! You have smart sisters!

And good taste in pillows too.. That Curly One looks like she gives good nose scritches. :)

And tell your Mom that hurting her knee so she's hopping on one leg is taking bunny love a little too far.. ;)

bunnits said...

Weasley, It looks like your humans had a great time. I know you are glad they are back, but sorry to hear your Mum banged up her knee. Sounds like the things I do.

I love all the photos. The campus is beautiful. However, my favorite photos is that one of the two snugglers on the sofa.

The human said...

Flowers are beautiful but get well really soon!

Michelle May said...

My goodness boy there has been lots happening in your fuzzy little world! First, congratulations to older sister!! How fantastic! Plus, how lucky to go to school in such a beautiful place! Woo hoo!
Second, Mom's gardens are so very lovely. I'm still totally jealous she can grow stuff. Next, poor Mom and her knee. :( Glad her head didn't go through the glass door. That would have been really bad. Finally, love the photo of you and curly sister. Makes me smile big.
Hugs to you and get well wishes to Mom.

masterofboots said...

this is such a lovely place.