Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Year, Another Block-of-the- Month Quilt

Well, I don't actually have a finished quilt from last year's black-and-white blocks that I made with Quilter's Way, but that shouldn't surprise you! I do, however, have the first four blocks from this year's project, that started in June. I decided to pick the most colorful version this year. They are calling this quilt Music Moves,  and this colorway is the Rock 'N Roll version.

Each month we will do a pieced block with half-square triangles. We also have the option, for a small fee, to do an extra block. These are the circular blocks. I have a feeling that the piecing in the center of the circles will get more complicated every month. This should be fun, hmmm?


brandi b said...

I love piecing quilts, not so much the quilting itself. I just bought Briarside Lane from our very own Michelle May. I am looking forward to the felt applique, just trying to get out of the "lazies" I have been in for a while.
Gotta tell ya, LOVED those paintings you did the other post. It would be nice to have them as fabrics.

speedyrabbit said...

you always do nice things,me I'm rubbish at sewing

bunnits said...
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bunnits said...

(I forgot how to type the first time I tried to comment; trying it again).

I always want to do block of the month projects or knit alongs and things like that, but I just don't manage to keep up. Some of my spinning friends do Ravelry's "Tour de Fleece" during the Tour de France. They get a lot of spinning done. I tried that once and got part of a bobbin spun. Started a quilt one at a local store several years ago and got through all of two blocks.

My outcome is lots of UFO's. I should do something to organize my time better.

SixBunnies said...

I love your style! Very nice!

Michelle May said...

Bright, colorful and oh so fun. Just like you!