Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Outside, Inside

Outside the kitchen door:

Inside the kitchen door:

And again, outside:



One more time, outside:



Still outside, but trying to figure out how to get in:

"Better not let him inside, Mom. I have no interest in being his dinner!"

No worries, Weasley. I may be smitten, but I know he's not one to live peacefully with bunnies. He's no KB. The door stays closed!


brandi b said...

Cats are buttheads. Cats belong in cages and bunnies belong on the floor, lounging on their snacks and soft towels, being the boss of the house.

brandi b said...

Weasley, you got some LONG jackrabbit legs. I bet you could take that ginger mini tiger assassin with one thump to his head from one of those big feet. I would bet on ya!
Our silly cat got his clock winding the wrong way when he messed with our bunnies. He was just playing, but those bunnies tag teamed him and he is lucky he doesn't have to drool in a cup.
Rabbits Rule.
Karen, I don't know if it's your photography or if that little ginger killing machine has striped whiskers. They look like porcupine quills. It is a cool effect. You know, for a cat...

speedyrabbit said...

some cats are O.k with bunnies but they have to grow up with bunnies,but other wise its better to keep them apart.Then you don't get nasty surprises.xo Speedy's mum

speedyrabbit said...

you know my first bun Caramel was like that he was a tough old boy he would rough and tumble with my cats and would chase other cats out of the garden.yep buns rule

Jade said...

Neighborhood Lion meets Household Lion. :)

No worries, Weasley; Mr. Mick says you can always hop into your litterbox-mobile and run him over. ;)

bunnits said...

I love photos of flopped out bunnies and cats enjoying a good head scratch.

Our cats give our buns a wide berth and are slightly afraid of them, but I don't give them any time alone with the bunnies, just in case...

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love cats as much as I love bunnies, but I'd certainly keep them away from each other!

Michelle May said...

LOL Jade! Too funny.
I'm still amazed by KB. I think KB is really a bunny in a cat suit.

SixBunnies said...

Weasley is so funny lounging in his greens there... gotta keep 'em close, just in case he gets hungry!