Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Monday, March 25, 2013

Dear Great Bunny In The Moon

Please don't let that big bird grab me, or even fly over my house again. It bugs me, and makes Mom be loud.

Thanks so much,

P.S. Send more banana, too, please.

So this is the story. Yesterday morning, Jensen was sitting in the front window, and I was petting him, and sprinkling my coffee with his fur. Just our usual morning ritual. Suddenly, Jensen's ears went into alert. Next he was sitting bolt upright. I looked out the window to see what was upsetting him. Flying above the house up at the corner was a hawk. It flew closer. It wasn't a hawk. Maybe it was a turkey vulture? But no, it didn't look quite right. Suddenly, it swooped down in front of our house. Jensen bolted, hiding under the coffee table. And I started yelling "That's an eagle!" over and over. The eagle took off heading east. I eventually calmed down, and got Jensen a treat.
That was the first Bald Eagle that I have ever seen in the wild. It was so amazing. And so were Jensen's instincts. None of our other rabbits have ever paid any attention to birds, even hawks. I asked him where he got such good instincts, and he said "Mom, I was born this way!" Apparently on top of everything else, he's a Lady Gaga fan!


Rabbits' Guy said...

We have quite a few bald eagles here. All the bunnies spend most of their outside time under some sort of cover/roof and have never had a problem. But they know when one (or a hawk) is up there.

Bet it was a sight!

bunnits said...

Wow! I have to drive to Guntersville Dam to see eagles. However, we have our share of birds of prey in the neighborhood, so everything I put the buns out in the playpen, I have to bunsit and do raptor duty for fear that one will swoop down and grab someone.

brandi said...

Dangit. Now I am super worried about Mr. Hopson, the feral rabbit living under my house/in garage. He lets me closer and closer each encounter, but I got to get that baby in the house before he turns into dog meat or a hawk snack!
A bald eagle for Jensen. Not sure if he should feel honored or horrified
I think that eagle ought to try and get that ginger assassin that lives next door to you and leave our Jensen be!

speedyrabbit said...

Clever Jensen!try coaxing Mr Hopson into the garage it self them may be you can catch him Brandi,xx Rachel

Mr. Mick and Jade said...

Mr. Mick sympathizes with Jensen; he says that birds of prey like eagles and hawks are foul beasts and shouldn't be allowed into rabbit territory. (Of course, the fact that The Boy is particularly fond of such birds may have colored Mick's judgment here and there.)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Ok...so I was reading along and was so worried. Then, I thought Bald Eagle, wow that's cool. Then I read "Lady Gaga fan." Now wine is on my shirt. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

RoadBunner said...

Oh, amazing! On my bucket list is to see a Bald Eagle in the wild. I think maybe we did once years ago, but it was so high up it was a little hard to tell (though I suppose how many birds have white heads, right?). And good for Jensen for having great instincts.