Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


This post is starting what I am hoping will be a relaunch of my blog. I've never really been able to get back into the rhythm since Weasley crossed the bridge, and it's starting to feel like something is missing. Facebook is fun, especially for keeping up with my scattered family, but it seems like we build stronger connections on the blogs.

So, if you haven't been on Facebook, you won't know about our new family member. Buttercup and Jensen the Wonderdog have been joined by Knight the Real Dog. Some kinks are still being worked out, but overall the adoption is going well. It might be easier if Knight hadn't fallen in love with Buttercup, and if he didn't think bunny treats should go to Real Dogs....

Knight in Jensen's window. He likes to keep an eye on the neighborhood.

Knight with my Dad. He really does think he's King of the Hill. Knight, that is, not my Dad.

My Dad is the Emperor (with old clothes) , crowned by one of my nieces during a family gathering.

As for creative work, I haven't been doing much sewing since the weather turned hot. Except for repairing dog toys, as Knight is heck on squeaky toys. I have been doing the weekly prompts over at Journal 52. This week's prompt was technology. While I love technology, and playing with new gadgets, sometimes I get frustrated because it changes too darn quickly. That leaves me feeling like this.

Well, I won't say I'm officially back until I manage to maintain this for awhile. But right now, it feels really good to be writing here. Thanks for your patience. See you soon.


speedyrabbit said...

Yay its good to see you!missed oyu all here,xx Rachel and Speedy

Shadowydreamer said...

Yay!! Welcome back!

Facebook has slowly gotten worse and worse for keeping track of people and just seems good for starting arguments, I have to admit I've cut way back on it myself.

Knight is absolutely adorable. .. And so's your dad in his crown. :)