Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Thursday, December 31, 2009

Daughter's UFO and Mom's Purses

This is a quilt top made from blocks that my First Daughter started making about 10 years ago , when she wanted to try sewing. She made 3 1/2 blocks, and then they sat. Recently the unfinished blocks started calling to me. Maybe it was the bright colors, lightening some cloudy days. I certainly have plenty of UFO's of my own, but I found myself finishing that 1/2 block, and then making 2 more.
Each block starts with a chunk of animal fabric, and then random strips are added crazy quilt style. The piecing was done in a flip and sew style, on a paper backing. You can see the paper being removed in the following picture. This will be sandwiched up with a pieced backing, and quilted, and then given away as a charity quilt. Hopefully, this quilt of many colors will go on to brighten someone else's day.

These next pictures show First and Second Daughters after unwrapping purses made for them by my mother for Christmas. She made 8 in all, for eight granddaughters. Beautiful work as always, with each girl getting fabric that suits her personality, with sparkle, and lots of pockets. They were well received, see the big smiles?

It has just stopped snowing here, but the clouds are still very thick. I'm hoping they will break up, and let us see the Blue Moon this evening. Have a fun and safe New Year's Eve, and a Very Happy New Year.

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