Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday In The Garden

OK. I know it's Saturday, and I did take these pictures yesterday. I just couldn't get near the computer for long enough to post them. The daylilies are still going strong. Here are some of the Prairie Moonlight, with some Frankly Scarlet and some native grasses (mostly Big Bluestem, which has gotten out of control to the point where I am about to call it a weed).

Outback, the Siloam variety is especially gorgeous.

The liatris (aka Kansas Gay Feather) is blossoming. The goldfinches love the seeds from these. Peeking out from behind is a little bit of phlox, called Laura.

The Russian Sage is at its best, and some pink Bee Balm and liatris look nice with it. Please ignore the fact that my bird bath needs cleaning.

Most importantly to Ginny and Weasley, the parsley is blossoming, getting ready to make a lot of nice, new parsley plants.

The Black-Eyed Susan's are telling the story of the week. There is just not enough water to go around. Our city has a water ban in effect. We are on a private well, not city water, but I still don't like to overuse it. Having a well go dry is no fun.

The most important part of the garden this week.

I live in New England. The temperature on my deck should never read 103°F! Hope you have a wonderful, and cool, rainy weekend (at least that is what I am hoping for!).


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Amazing how flowers can still look so pretty in this weather! I'm doing the rain dance on this side of town too!


Lisa said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Parsley is definitely the most important. ;)

It's going to rain here this afternoon. I'll try to send it north.

Katie :o) said...

Very beautiful! And we have hi-speed now... so I can enjoy your beautiful garden without waiting :o) I agree... New England should not reach 103 :o)