Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday In The Garden

It has been a week since I have touched the computer. I am almost afraid to check my e-mail and reader! Second Daughter and I came back late Tuesday from visiting colleges in Maine (don't think she's any closer to narrowing that search down yet), and the rest of the week has been spent playing catch-up. The dental work seems to be helping Ginny, and she is slowly starting to eat again. She has even shown some interest in Weasley the past two days, which has made him happier.

As for the garden, this week has been mostly about the blackberries.

They look so innocent, don't they?

When we returned from our travels. we found that First Daughter had picked some, and made a very tasty pie. She is the pie lady in this house.

But there were more berries left, and in the next twenty four hours, we picked even more.

So I made some jam.

And then I made our favorite blackberry cheesecake, with blackberry sauce.

You can click this link for the Very Berry Cheesecake recipe. I use blackberry brandy instead of the cherry that is called for in the ingredients list. I also use lite vanilla wafers, lite cream cheese, and lite cottage cheese, and pretend that this makes it a healthy recipe!  By the way, this is one of those foods that is better the second day, if it lasts that long!

I also made a fruit salad with mostly blackberries, and froze three quarts of berries.This is our first year with a freezer, and I am very happy to not be canning quarts of blackberries this year!

Have a very happy weekend everybun, and I hope your gardens are also being fruitful. I promise to answer e-mail tomorrow, and start catching up with what everyone out there in blogland has been doing this week.


Katie :o) said...

Wow! Love those blackberries!!!! I've been slacking off on blogging, too. Just beginning to catch back up with everybody. I guess July was just created for more important things :o) Like kids!

Lisa said...

I've been away all week too (in Vegas).

Glad Ginny is seeming happier. Poor Wesley, no one likes being ignored. Good luck with the boston vet.

Everything looks nommy!!!

And good luck with the college search. It was the end of an era when I finally chose mine.

Annette F Tait said...

Glad to hear Ginny is eating :)
wishing her well xxx

good luck to your daughter on finding the college for her.

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

What a wonderful site..homemade jam, wow. We made some with strawberries, last year the batch turned out most excellent, this year it's like liquid & never set, I think we made the mistake of not putting all the sugar in...we'll try to recook & rejar it this week.

I didn't know Ginny was sick...dental problems can be so scarey & we have to watch Roo's teeth cause they grow in mishaped all the time. I hope Sweet Gin gets back to 100% very soon...kisses to her.

XO Mandy.

birdlady said...

Amazing amounts of blackberries! Ever do berries and cream? So glad to hear Ginny's feeling a bit better! Stay cool! It's a bit drippy around here today!