Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Return To Some Creative Cues

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend a couple hours doing some creative work. I decided to carve some stamps for Three Creative Studios Creative Cue project. For this week, the word was drink. I was thinking iced tea, but this showed up instead.

I had some difficulty with the bubbles. I couldn't get a very round shape, and after I tried for awhile, cracks appeared, running from bubble to bubble. If anyone knows of a tool or technique to make small circles more easily and cleanly, could you give me a hint?

After this, I went back to a couple of older words that were stewing around in my head. First was market, from way back on May 30th. I should probably clean this up a little around the edges, but I actually like the way it prints, so it may stay this way.

And then, from way back on May 16th  was the word arm. I finally decided to do an arm chair. This may look like a couch to you, as it did to one of my daughters, but it really is a chair. It is based on my memory of an old chair at my parents house when I was growing up. It was wide, with these low, wide arms. It was just perfect for sitting sideways on while reading (doesn't every teenager sit like this?). I've never found another chair that was as good for this purpose.

And finally, a picture of Ginny. She isn't having the greatest day today, but she still managed to glare at me when I disturbed her examination of her evening feast. There's power in rabbit disapproval! 


Michelle May said...

Love the stamps Karen. The chair is my favorite.
Ginny sure is giving you the evil eye. Funny how you can tell what they're thinking. ;)
Sweet girl she is.

Katie :o) said...

Carving your own stamps... what fun! So glad Ginny is still feisty :o)

Terri Stegmiller said...

These all turned out great. I find circular shapes challenging too when carving. Perhaps different carving blocks will take the circle shape better. I also like the bits of block that aren't carved away, such as that around your shopping cart.

Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

Nice work, Karen! I love the chair!