Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Saturday, October 30, 2010

If You Don't Like The Weather, Wait Five Minutes

Which  is exactly what it has been like here lately. Seventy degrees one day, fifty the next. Thursday was sunny, so was Friday, until I hung my laundry on the line! Right now, the air is getting raw, the sky is getting dark, and I may be smelling that four letter word that starts with "s" in the air.  Let's try not to think about that, and look at some garden pictures instead.

The late mums are in full bloom now.

OK. Guess I still  have some learning to do on that effect! The rest of the pictures are undoctored. In the next one, you can see that I am not the only one enjoying the flowers.

Look closely. Do you see it? Actually, there was a bunch of them. This one was ready for it's close-up.

And if you don't like the creepy-crawlies, I'll just leave you with the pretty  flowers as the final image.

I hope you are having a fine weekend, without any of that "s" word where you are. And if you are having some of it, try to find a nice bunny to snuggle up to, and stay warm.


bunnits said...

Lovely photos. We are having great weather here, too, after rain, wind, and tornadoes the other day.

Karen M said...

OK, I'd rather have the "s" word than tornados! Glad you are OK>

Jade said...

Shhhhhh, no "s"-word, please. We had the "f"-word (the one with "lurri" in the middle) a few days ago and it's making me nervous.

Katie :o) said...

Ahhhh... my husband, the snowmobile pusher, and my kids, the cross-country skiers, are hoping for boatloads of that "s" stuff! Flurries have been great cause for excitement around our house. Yes, I am one of those cwwwwwazy cross-country skiers, as well! Maybe the boatloads of snow will stop just shy of the MA border?

Lisa said...

ughhh. Weather has been rather erratic here, too. reached 70 three days last week, then it didn't break 50. today it's getting down to at least 37 and staying below 50, so probably not snow... yet. but it is darn cold. I'm not ready for winter!

Lynn Fisher said...

We are having fall currently (here in Minnesota)...if it doesn't snow this week, it may the next. Your photos are beautiful!