Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Friday, October 22, 2010

On My Morning Walk

Most mornings during the school year, I walk with my neighbor. Our walk takes us down a (very) busy street (love that carbon monoxide!). But this time of year, even this street is beautiful. Here is a little bit of what we saw this morning.

On this street there is a brown house that, although a beautiful Victorian, goes unnoticed most of the year. It seems to get lost in the shadows. But in the autumn, the house comes alive, and glows with light reflected off the nearby trees. This house is one of my favorite neighborhood sites this time of year.

Another house that I enjoy has a much redder tree outside. 

And, a lovely couple greets you by the front door.

Farther up the road, the entrance to another house always charms me. I think it's the texture of the stonewall and the tree, but that is another post.

It was definitely a chilly walk this morning, but well worth the effort to get going. What do you like to see in your neighborhood?

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Michelle May said...

Oh my gosh! Is this ever a gorgeous place to live. I never get beautiful Fall color here as we have mostly ugly pine trees. Incredible. I would love to take a walk with you.
xx, shell