Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And Now He's Snoring

On sunny days, Weasley and Ginny follow the sun around the computer room. They start in the middle of the west wall.

Then, they work their way across the room to the east, (and a little bit south), until they are in danger of being run over by the wheels of the computer chair.

They finish by working their way along the east wall towards the north. When they finally lose the sun, they retreat to the kitchen for dinner. They are like a bunny sundial. I guess that  would be a Bundial. It's all OK, until the weather changes. Then we all get confused.

And yes, Weasley is the snorer. He gets quite loud. Ginny doesn't seem to mind.


Jade said...

Rabbits must have solar panels under all that fur; every one I've had has always loved to lounge in the sun. Mickey's throne is positioned right where the sun comes into his cage, so he can get extra warm and snuggly even on a very cold day.

The human said...

Sigh, they make an adorable time piece! Just gorgeous

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

They are just so cute, I love how they end up spooning as they sneak across the floor.

Michelle May said...

A bunny sun dial. What a novel idea! Dag they are so darn cute!!
xx, shell

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Hello bunny in the sun.....what is that loud noise I hear? So cute.

Lisa said...

I swear that bunnies can tell time, with or without the sun. Biff sits in the sun sometimes, but Sogna actually sleeps either under the couch or up against the wall that has the windows, so she's rarely in the sun.

Am I missing a video? So cute that he snores loud.