Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Sunday, February 13, 2011


We've had a number of interesting mail deliveries lately, and today I thought I would tell you about one that came all the way from Edinburgh. Recently, the beautiful Aphrodite came to live with us.

If you are a rabbit person, you probably recognize the work of the very talented and compassionate  Annette over at Dragon House Of Yuen. She generously sent along a collection of her cards, also.

Aphrodite and the cards were even more beautiful in person than in Annette's photos.
Right now, Aphrodite is getting close with my Little Bird painting, that came from Mandy at Bijous Whimsy.

But, I've noticed her making eyes at the big bunny on my pillow that came from Kelly, aka Umber Dove. She may be moving over there for a cuddle.

In the last year, I have acquired quite a few treasures from blogging friends. They all make me smile as I spy them while moving through my day.

Annette also sent a surprise for Ginny and Weasley. She made them heart-shaped blankets, personalized with their names. Here is Ginny, checking hers out.

And here they both are, on their new blankets. Weasley sat on the patch that says "Weasley", and stayed there for quite a while. If he weren't both illiterate and blind, you might think he did it on purpose!

Then, they both flopped out on Weasley's blanket for a nap.

Since they have yet to chew any holes, I would say they definitely approve. Just don't tell anybun, I don't want them to lose their Rabbit ID cards for approving of something!

Thank you, Annette, from all three of us.


bunnits said...

Delightful. And have a Happy ValenBun's Day.

gail said...

Hi,,, I enjoy visiting your blog. I love the bunny you got. I have seen Annettes beautiful work. I love the bird painting too. Great treasures!

Happy Creating, Gail

Jade said...

Lovely gifties!

Mr. Mick approves of Weasley and Ginny's new blankets. He would want one for himself except for his attachment to his fuzzy throne, which is a story for a future blog post.

Michelle May said...

Fabulous gifts! Annette is so talented. Weasley and Ginny look adorable on their blankies.
I'm a huge fan of Mandy's too. I just purchased some of her art and looooooove it!
I'll have to check out your other friend and that bunny pillow. Too cool!
xx, shell

Gina said...

Such fun! I particularly like those personalized heart blankets. Happy Valentine's Day!

Lisa said...

All of your new gifts are so lovely!

Annette F Tait said...

goodness me Karen! this is a delightful surprise and I just love those photos of Ginny and Weasley breaking the bun code of disapproval :)
we have two code breakers over here!
so glad their blankets are being road tested and I'm happy Aphrodite is completely at home. Love your rabbit pillow and Mandy's work! lucky you!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Oh what a treat...here I am scrolling through your blog, with a smile on my face because of the photos of Ginny & Weasley in the sunlight...isn't that one of the best things in life, bunnies basking in sunlight:D than bang, I see you posted my itty bitty painting (thank you so much, I am so glad you love it:D) and than to learn that Annette from Dragon Hosue of Yuen likes my work too & even knows who I am am...WOW, my heart has cracked open tonight & the blogging world of fellow artists and rabbit lovers seems ever so warm and embracing. Ahhhhh:D sending over hugs. XO Mandy & Ella Luna, Roo, Jin & Jaks.