Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Monday, March 21, 2011

Playing In The Scrap Pile

I felt the need to do a little therapy sewing over the weekend, so I plunged into the pile of scraps on the floor near my sewing machine. This pile had been growing since January.

It felt good to just dive in, and let that sewing machine roar along at top speed. The result was a pieced rectangle, about 14" by 25".

I layered this up with batting, and quilted it, using feather, leaf, and paisley motifs in my three favorite variegated threads.

I decided to use this as a binder cover, so I cut up some fabric for the inside sleeves to hold the binder, and some pockets for loose papers. Once all the layers were sewn together, it looked like this on the outside.

On the inside, you can see the pockets. Lots of room here to stash stuff!

And finally, a view of the completed binder cover. I'm not good at keeping records in a bound notebook. Usually I grab whatever piece of scrap paper, post-it note, or napkin is closest to make drawings and notes to myself. I'm hoping to corral some of those in this binder, making it easier to go back and find information that I want to reuse, or ideas that I want to expand on.  

I'm very pleased with the cheery look of this project. Isn't it amazing what a treasure trove a scrap pile can be? What have you made lately from your scaps?

Ginny Update: Not much has changed here. Her eating is up and down, so she is getting Critical Care supplements (which I have to work hard to keep Weasley out of!). I'm checking into some suggestions I was given after my last post. Thanks for all the support and prayers.


The Fab Furs said...

Stunning use of scraps! Best to Ginny--maybe if Weasley gives her competition for the supplements she'll be inclined to eat more.

Jade said...

The binder is gorgeous, and we will be continuing to keep Ginny in thoughts and prayers until she's all better again.

Lisa said...

You are unbelievable. I could spend a small fortune and several years on what you come up with using the scrap pile in an afternoon.

Will keep Ginny in mind, as always. Still think it's so silly how Weasley actually likes critical care.

Gina said...

This is a fabulous binder cover, so bright, cheerful and those great pockets!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Sewing can help ease the pain of things. This is lovely.
Thinking of you dear friend.
xx, shell

Katie :o) said...

Love, love, love the binder! Wow! You are a creative genius :o) I'm thinking of Ginny and of you! Take care!