Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Slice Of Life

At the Material Girls Quilt Guild show,  there was an interesting group of quilts that were called "slice" quilts. Several people got together to work on this project. Each person chose a photograph, and sliced it into pieces. The pieces were handed out to the other people involved, who then replicated the slice in fabric. The original person who owned the photograph reassembled the pieces of the photograph into a quilt. I thought the resulting quirkiness of the finished quilts was very cool . I hope you enjoy seeing them.

In this first quilt, the pieces were set into a traditional Attic Windows-type setting. 

"Puerto Vallarta", Kathryn Amadon

The next quilt also used a window-type grid, but of a simpler design. You can see the original photo in the lower left. The flowers are stunning on this.

"My Flower Garden", Kathie Peloquin

The original photo is also visible in the photo of the next quilt. No window grid was used on this one. I really love how well the slices went together here.

"My House", Sandi Phillips

On the next one, the quilter chose to turn each piece into its own small quilt. A very interesting idea, that I suspect hangs on a wall better than it sits on an easel.One really cool detail is how the flag extends over the edge of the upper left slice.

"My Camp", Jessica Leger

In this final quilt, the quilter chose to frame the quilt after assembling it. It was truly gorgeous, but I had a hard time taking the photograph. I had to turn off the flash to keep from getting a big flare in the middle of the picture, and that muted the colors. They are more intense in real life.

It was amazing to see all the different techniques used in each slice by the quilters involved. And yet despite the differences, when reassembled they still made a beautiful quilt. It looks like they all had a lot of fun doing it, too, which is really the best reward. 


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Really enjoying all these quilt photos

Jade said...

Very neat--amazing how well the slices coordinate.

Lisa said...

Each of them is truly gorgeous, I can't believe the detail!