Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Weasley's Been Up To Lately

Contemplating the ins and outs of the trombone.

Throwing and eating a basket.

Chinning said basket, so the humans don't forget to whom it belongs.

Resting up from all that work.

Taking a good bath, while ignoring toys. They must age several months (or years) before being played with.

Having a little snack, freshly picked and organic, of course.

Chillin'. (Snoozing the afternoon away while stretched out next to the frozen soda bottle.)

Add in making music on the water bottle, tossing hay around, and bumbling around the house while trying to figure out if the rustle he hears is a treat. Rearrange and repeat as desired, and that pretty much covers it, if you include the nightly couch snuggle. Not a life that would make a great action film. "Bunny Pirates of North Central Massachusetts", or "Indiana Bun and the Aging Cape Cod Cottage"  are not likely to be big draws at the box office. Except maybe in Weasley's dreams. He often runs in his sleep, so maybe that's where all the action is. What do you think bunnies dream about?


The Vegetarian Hunter said...

My cats will not play with a toy or sleep in a new bed until its about year old as well. I think that must be the length of time it takes to rid of the smells it came with and it becomes part of their surroundings.
I think bunnies dream of endless gardens to run, play and eat in.

Jade said...

That is one busy bun. (I vote for "Indiana Bun and the Aging Cape Cod Cottage", although I would also consider "RedBun the Pirate, the scourge of Spectacle Pond". :) )

To my knowledge, Mr. Mick only dreams of two things--treats and getting more treats.

The Fab Furs said...

Weasley is doing a remake of "Master of the House" from , a musical featuring the adventures of a Red Satin Angora house rabbit who has to figuratively roll up his sleeves and train an army of human servants in the proper feeding and care of said house rabbit.

bunnits said...

That seems like a pretty good bun life to me. Ah, bunny dreams. Who knows what they dream about.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Sign me up.

Lisa said...

Wow he is GLARING at you! "That's MY basket, biatch." Sounds liek a pretty good bun life to me!

I'm pretty sure my buns dream about food mostly, as I frequently see them chewing in their sleep. Also frolicking and binkies, and the occasional head pet :) They probably also have nightmares about being picked up, getting their nails trimmed, getting brushed, and getting stuck in the car.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

A very busy life for one old bun! I often wonder what they dream about as their head twitches and bobbles, teeth chatter and feet seem to run in the air.

SixBunnies said...

I wish all bunnies were safe and well fed and happy enough to have good dreams of running in clover feilds... bet that's what Weasley is dreaming about!

Katie :o) said...

Contemplating the ins and outs of the trombone gives me that happy, dopey-eyed expression, too :o)