Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Had A Bug

Hi, everyone. It's been quite awhile. Our computer came down with something. It was easier to find out what it had, than it was to undo the effects, but we seem to be OK now. If you've been expecting an e-mail, I'm sorry for the wait. I'll be working on catching up with all that, and with blogland, over the weekend.

In the meantime, I've been sewing. I made some scraps into notebook covers. Why are there always so many more scraps than actual quilts? It's like they breed in the scrap box!

I finally put a binding on this scrap (!) quilt, that has been sitting around for over a year waiting to be finished. I actually like sewing on bindings, so I don't know why it waited so long. Probably it was always just the least urgent item on the list. It's name, which hopefully doesn't sound too pretentious, is "Fire In Winter".

On Father's Day, we took the youngest up to Farmington, Maine, for a summer class at the University of Maine. This is where she will be going to school in the fall. We embarrassed her in the parking lot. 

And then, we took a walk around town, the whole two blocks or so of it.

Some day when it's open, I'm going to have to check out this place.

We left town after narrowly avoiding a coffee bath. The clerk at the shop tried to slide a large iced coffee to me, only to have it tip instead. I'm not sure how, but I managed to jump back in time to avoid the spill. Didn't know I could still move that fast! 

Back at home, Weasley's been hanging out on the couch with me, helping me bind another quilt. In case you're wondering, it was the Husband's choice to sit on the floor. We didn't force him to.

Apparently he (Weasley) felt like he was not getting enough attention. In my defense, it's hard to sew a binding, keep track of what Michael, Sam and Fiona are up to, and still keep the Rabbit properly entertained.

What I was finishing was this (are you tired of seeing it yet?). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a great picture last night. It will be hanging in our guild quilt show this weekend, so hopefully i can get some good pictures while its there. I put way more quilting into it than I originally intended, so that part of the construction seemed to last forever.

And my final step had me really intimidated. I dry-brushed gold paint over the brown border and binding, to imitate the gilding on many Russian Icons. On many of these icons, the gold is mostly, or even completely, missing. The dry-brushing actually worked well, much to my relief! 

Now I'm looking forward to a crazy weekend of helping at the quilt show, and at a downtown event, getting the kid home, her laundry done, and getting her sent off again for another adventure. Oh, and most importantly there has to be some rabbit pampering. But that part really goes without saying, doesn't it?


The Fab Furs said...

Glad you're de-bugged. It really is a wonder that any quilting gets done at all, with all the other demands on your time. Love the rabbit icon quilt! Weasley is great at mind over matter: I will get attention, I will get attention and sit on the couch, I will get attention and that's just all there is to it.

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

This turned out great. I love the pictures of The Weaster (that is my nick name for Weasley, hope you don't mind) is head butting you. Too cute.

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your bug issues. :-/ At least they're over now. I chose a favorite book cover. It's the bottom right if you must know ;) Maine looks/sounds very nice, does she know yet what she's going to study? Wish her the best. Tell Weasley if he wants to come visit the big city I will snuggle him as much as he wants!!! And the icon quilt? How coudl we get sick of that?

Jade said...

Computer bugs suck.

LOVE all the quilts! Never get tired of seeing them, ever.

Weasley head-butting you made me giggle--that is SO a Mickey-move, especially when he is wanting petting ASAP. Such neglected boys. :)

Oh, and your hubby gets beaucoup good-hubby points for choosing to sit on the floor so Weasley can have you and the couch.

Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

I am intrigued the the dry-brushing gold onto the brown borders. Can you say a little more about that? Nice work!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Uggg....computer issues! Gag!
Love that quilt girlfriend! LOVE IT!!
Sweet boy on the couch needs loves from his mama. How's he doing?
Glad to see your ninja moves avoided a coffee accident! ;)
xx, shell

Katie :o) said...

Wow! You've been busy! I love the scrappy notebook covers! And the bunny quilt. It does have the feel of an icon. I was thinking icon before reading the description :o)