Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday In The Garden

When I took a walk around the garden this morning, I saw that the Serviceberries were in bloom.  Their alternate name is June berry. No, it's not June yet.

I also saw plenty of last years arugula flowering, and getting ready to set seed.

 The violets sprinkled throughout the yard are starting to blossom, something that usually happens in May. These pop up in different places around the yard, because we don't believe in lawns that are a monoculture of grass. Much to the dismay of our neighbors.

Although, somebunny is pretty happy with that, because it provides him with lots of these.

With the early warm weather, a lot of things in the garden have had a head start on the growing season this year. Unfortunately, the fact that it has been bone dry has made a lot of these plants stall out. We didn't get much of the rain that came through New England yesterday, and today it is like it never happened. I don't remember ever having to water so early in the season.

The asparagus seems to be one of the plants that is affected by this. Last weekend I cut the first spear, the earliest ever. I thought I would be picking more through the week, but the other spears haven't grown one smidgen since the weekend.

 Someone else was checking out the asparagus bed when I was out there. She (or he, I don't know how to tell with robins), walked along the asparagus row, paralleling me.

Then it hopped up on the fence. At the bottom of the picture are the pea plants that have sprouted, and then, like the asparagus, done nothing.

Still following....

Finally, up onto the nearby trellis to scold me, before taking off.  See her /him on the little box on the post?

OK, I'm going to fly off now, too. There is a big pile of mulch calling to me. Have a great weekend, everybun!


speedyrabbit said...

From Speedy and his mum-What a beautiful garden you have we know which bun would have loads of fun in that garden!Speedy that who!have a great weekend too!

Michelle May said...

You are such a wonderful gardener. I totally suck at growning things. I'm still right proud that I have an ivy plant on my back porch. It's 2 years old. I may throw a party to celebrate! hee,hee,hee.