Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Don't See What Mom's Problem Is!

I don't see anything wrong with this picture, do you?

I mean, this is my rug, after all. So what if it's in the middle of the kitchen?

Just put it on the garden, Mom. Grow more parsley. The circle of life, and all that. There's really no reason here to be interrupting my dinner.

So, I'll just get back to it, OK?  Hoppy Wednesday, everybun!


Michelle May said...

Haaaaaaa! I see no problems at all Weasley boy! None! Totally cracking up over the "circle of life" part. Too darn funny!!!!!

Jade said...

You tell her, Weasley! You're just doo-ing what a bun's gotta doo. I don't see why humans get so worked up about it. The Boy and the Big Guy get all kinds of bothered when I let loose a few on the mat in front of my litterbox. I tell them it's my mat, I can poop on it if I want, but they don't listen. Heck, I was nice enough to fertilize the grass for the Big Guy on Monday, but did I get one word of thanks from him? No! Hmph. (Next time, I'll poop in their shoes...)


speedyrabbit said...

What's a few poops between friends eh Weasley after all what goes in must come out...heeheehee

SixBunnies said...

That's how Weasley navigates. He leaves his poops around as mile markers! :) Hee hee!

SixBunnies said...
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SixBunnies said...

Hhhmm... there has to be something artistic that can be done with bunny doots... maybe string them and paint them cranberry red for Christmas garland on the tree?? No? ok ... maybe use them as bean bag filling for a quilted door stop? No, again? Ok ... I give up. Maybe just fertilizer and dog treats!