Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Good Day To Dye

The Curly One and I had a lot of fun today, as you can see by the smiles on our faces.

We were playing with dyes in the backyard.

The Curly One wanted to dye some shirts that she wears to work on the farm. She's going to be the brightest one there.

I dyed  some fabrics, of course.

Things got a little wild near the end, when we got our Jackson Pollock on.

We tossed all the extra dye onto the drop cloth, which happens to be a sheet she will be taking to school next year.

The results are currently running through the wash. Can't wait to see how everything turned out. What about you? Have you got an interesting project in the works this week?


Mary Grace McNamara said...

What fun! You two are looking so colorful...can't wait to see how your fabrics turn out!

I long armed four quilts since last Monday and made two bags, and of course lots of 'last week of school' stuff with the kids! Summer's coming!


Jade said...

Heehee, that looks like SO much fun! That sheet is going to be especially awesome.

I'm currently working on a throw blanket for my newly married niece and her husband (their wedding gift). It's going slower than it should because I'm kind of working out the details as I go along and because I'm being super-lazy for some reason and not working on it as much as I should. I need to get it done soon, though, since I have all those baby blankets to get done before September.

Crafty Green Poet said...

that looks like great fun!

I'm working on a fabric cuff, made from repurposed materials including silk from an old kimono and lace

bunnits said...

What fun! I hope Weasley stayed out of the dye pots.

Michelle May said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa...I wanna play too! Ya'll look like you were having a total blast!
So great to see a photo of you Karen. Just as sweet and fun loving as I imagined.
As for the curly one...well, I don't think she needs a shirt to be a bright spot in the world. I think she just is.

Lisa said...

Your dye party looks like a heck of a lot of fun! Love the sheet, and I second what Shell said.

I'm working on bonding, of course, and need to start working on applications for next summer!

Gina said...

Wow, what a great day you had! And bonus, such a fun sheet to take to college!

I have had some fun creative days with local Odd Tuesday friends but I haven't finished my projects yet and have been terrible with my camera lately. Trying to get ready for summer vacation.