Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Too Darn Hot In The Garden

Took a quick walk around the garden to see what was blooming, before heading back inside to hide from the heat. The petunias that the Curly One gave me are looking good.

In the front tangle garden, the rugosa roses are on their way out, but they still smell wonderful. The orange butterfly weed is starting to bloom.

The lavender in the rock garden is very happy.

The lilies are starting up.

There is a ton of rose campion that self-seeded.

Why am I hiding inside?  The bottom number is the temperature on my deck. The kitchen is a cool 91 degrees.

See that little guy next to the 91? That's how I feel. I'm definitely a cool weather person.

And don't worry about the Weasle King. Even though His Highness likes it warm, and even though he had his haircut, I still moved him down to the basement. He's the most comfortable one in the family right now, as he should be. I hope you are comfortable where you are. Have a great weekend, everybun. I'm off to climb into the refrigerator....


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Oh, we feel your pain here in AZ! Over 100 every day this week. The buns are cool as cucumbers, though, napping their days away in air conditioned comfort. :)
Stay cool if you can!

speedyrabbit said...

how about sending some warmth over to england it in the 60's here and wet,you guy's can have our liquid sunshine!

Jade said...

Mr. Mick is fortunate to have the AC--we don't have a basement, so he would be one uncomfortable despot in his thick fur coat. I'm also happy to have it; I like the warm weather, but not too warm.

Your flowers are just lovely--hopefully there'll be a cooler day so you can enjoy them properly.

brandi b said...

Pretty flowers. The butterflies and bees are doing binkies over them.

Gina said...

Beautiful garden! I wish I could grow lavender, it's one of my favorites. Hope your heat wave doesn't last long!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what lovely flowers! Sorry it's so hot.

speedyrabbit said...

Hi Weasley,just to let you know you have been awarded an award for the one lovely blog award,come and see!