Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Late Again

Not Mom's fault this time. We were having computer issues. Mom wants to have more, 'cause she says the Verizon guy was kinda hot. I'm not sure how, since it's not real warm here today, and he wasn't even wearing a fur coat.

Mom took this video of me, because she thought I was being strange. She only thinks that because she never cleans her house.

What do you think, Bun Friends? Strange? Or not strange?


Jade said...

That depends, Weasley--what flavor is your cage?

I completely sympathize with you--my mum thinks it's funny when I lick my thrones. Just because I don't like it when she cleans my cage doesn't mean that I don't like clean stuff. Foo' humans.

Your pal,

Lorna Appleby said...

Strange? No! Cuuuuuuuuuute! <3

Its not like humans don't lick and chew on strange things.. pencils, pens, gum.. Why can't a bunny keep his cage clean?

You just ignore her, Weasley, and keep being happy, cute, fluffy, you.

Glenna said...

Not strange! Adorable!

bunnits said...

Squeeeee!! Love that bunny tongue! Oh, Wease, you are just a tidy bun. The bunnies here used to chew on the cage wire, but finally stopped. I should show them this video.

Michelle May said...

I think you're just fine boy. Cousin's Harrington and Hannah to massive flops and then lick the floor and carpet like maniacs. I figure they are just happy. Your water must have been extra yummy.

speedyrabbit said...

Don't worry I do stuff like that all the time so you're not stange if you were all us buns would be too.humans are bit strange at times anyway don't you think?xoxoSpeedy

Crafty Green Poet said...

cute and adorable and not really strange. Just think how many humans chew the ends of their pens!

brandi b said...

Cute pink bunny tongue is never strange. I love watching my girl bunny lick her chops after a snack or a drink of water. One side of her mouth will curve up in a half snarl and then the other very fast. It is so cute. I could just crawl into your pen with you and curl up for a nap, Weasley.

speedyrabbit said...

don't forget to enter Speedy's prize draw

SixBunnies said...

Very understandable, Weasley. Not strange. You are just too fluffy and squeezable!