Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Party At Weasley's

Hi, everybun! I'm just hanging  out at home, with the Curly One, and her friends, while  Mom and Sarah are travelling again.

Last week, they went down to North Carolina,

which apparently is where the Eiffel Tower is located. I'm not sure what that is, but they thought it was funny.

They went to the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens, where Sarah tried on some new glasses.
They made a new friend. Where the heck are this thing's ears? And what's up with those feet? Takes all kinds, I guess.

They saw a lot of pretty ponds and water fountains, but they didn't go swimming, even though it was really hot.

They saw this giant plant. Guess what it is, bunny friends. It's a banana plant. Can you believe it???? And for some reason, they didn't dig it up and bring it home. What a waste....

 After all that walking in the gardens, they took a rest in some chairs overlooking the river.

And then, they went to Bunnyville, but you already know about that. Sarah cheated on me with Hannah and Harrington.

They are off again, by boat this time. They are on the New London, about to cross Long Island Sound. The little ferry that they are looking down at was the setting for a really horrible storm-tossed crossing that they made way back 22 years ago or so. Mom says it was the worst trip ever. She likes the bigger boats better.

They will be back soon, but the Curly One and her friends are ready to party. She works on a farm, picking vegetables, Bun Friends. She's ready to supply us with whatever we want.  And she'll have to clean up after us too, or Mom will be mad at her when she gets home. Sweet deal, hmmm?

Wake me up when you get here, OK? See you soon, so to speak.


Jade said...

I am THERE, my friend! We can celebrate The Boy getting shipped out of here (too bad it's not for good like I hoped, but he'll be gone until that Thanksgiving thing humans like to celebrate). I'll bring the carrotini mix!

Your pal,

brandi b said...

Weasley does look like a party animal.

Crafty Green Poet said...

looks like a great trip!

Seeing that banana plant reminds me that when i was in Malawi, I realised there were lots of different kinds of bananas, can you imagine that Weasley?

speedyrabbit said...

Hey Weasley mate I'm on my way,a party with you and Mickey whoohoo!I can't miss that!I'll brind the parsley to go with the carrotini's,

Your Friend

Lorna Appleby said...

Freddie says he'll bring the sunflower seeds and popcorn. He says the only booze he has is rum and hopes that okay.. he knows most rabbits are pirates at heart. :)

bunnits said...

Some wild times at Weasley's, no doubt.

The trip looks like it was really neat. I especially like the Eiffel Tower?? :D

(I'm having a heck of a time with WV lately; just can't seem to type the right letters. Sometimes I have to try so many times, I just quit. Or am I a robot??)

Lisa said...

I hope your mom and Sarah had a great trip, and you and Curly behaved yourselves relatively well ;) I could see a Weas/Curly party getting out of control.