Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you are all having a good start to your 2014. It's so nice to see the end of 2013, which has been a tough year for many of us. In the last post, Jensen let you know what he thought of my blogging last year. I've promised him that I will do better!
So many things kept me occupied last year. On the negative side, some family issues triggered a major depression for me. I've struggled with depression on and off through the years, but at least now I'm familiar enough with it to know it will eventually pass, and to hang in there. Lately, life has started to seem lighter and brighter, so I think I may be on the way out of the fog. I'm sure many of you know these feelings. Just part of being human, I guess.
On a positive note, the Lifebook class that I was taking also kept me very busy last year. It was intense. I only finished about half the lessons, but I learned a lot. Not only did I learn art techniques, but I learned how to use supplies I was unfamiliar with, new ways of thinking, made friends, and settled some issues in my mind. I thought about hurrying to download the unfinished lessons, but decided not to. It's time to move on. 

I also spent a lot of time exploring issues of spirituality. I've started doing yoga and meditating. I've researched many different religions and belief systems. I was raised Christian, with a very strong science background. I'm coming to terms with the idea that I may never be certain as to what God is, the way some people are. The best I can come up with at the moment is that there is something underlying everything. Whether it's a universal energy, or something more specific, seems less important than understanding that we are all connected.  

So yes, 2013 was a strange year. Now 2014 is here, and it's time to move forward.

I'm hoping for a year with less hiding, less worry, less fear, less guilt, less shame.
I'm hoping it will also have more positivity, more trying new things, more forward motion, more new friends, more being at ease with myself , and everything that I am, both good and bad. I'm absolutely sure that 2014 will contain more learning, growing, and creativity.

Whatever the year contains, I'm looking forward to sharing it here with you. Because, life is so much easier when you know you are not alone, isn't it? Have a wonderful year! I'll see you back here again soon. Jensen will make sure of that!


Brandi B. said...

Buddhist quote: All doctrines are void except karma.
God is unexpected places and his kingdom is in unexpected people. If we do not box him into some fundamental new testament formula, we can be pleasantly surprised in him and his creation.
Enjoy being a woman and all that implies. Do it without guilt or fear.
The Book of Esdras declares that women are stronger than the king, than wine, etc. And the only thing greater than a woman is TRUTH.
Be a truthful woman, then, and nothing can stop you!

speedyrabbit said...

Happy New year Karen,Jensen,Buttercup and Hubby,
Be well Karen and free of guilt and shame,2014 promises to be a good year so enjoy the journey and we are with you all the way,xx Rachel and Speedy

birdlady said...

I loved the writing and thought behind it; loved the photos! I'm glad life is feeling brighter. I hope you can enjoy the light while it is within you.
xo MaryLynne