Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Monday, February 1, 2010

Road Trip Result, and What Are These Robins Thinking?

I couldn't help it. They looked lonely, so I brought them home from this morning's road trip. Aren't they lovely?

And when I got home, there was a huge flock of robins in my yard, maybe a hundred birds, or so. My camera is not great, so I don't know if you can see some of them in these pictures.

They were cycling in and out of these viburnums, a dozen birds at a time. They would fly from here, across the yard to the apple tree, then to the back of the yard to the birch, and then across to the woods, and around again to the berries.  Within 15 minutes, half the berries were gone, and so were the robins.

Last year it took a smaller flock of cedar waxwings 3 days to pick the bushes clean in late February. If the robins come back, the waxwings are going to be out of luck. What are they doing in Massachusetts on the first of February? It sure isn't Spring!


Michelle (Shell) May said...

I do believe you gave those lonely fabrics a good home! Fabulous!
Totally weird that the Robins are up there this time of year??

Alice said...

hello there, i'm not much of a quilter, actually i'm not a quilter at all but i used to have a quilt and i did love it. the reason i'm here is that i just ahd to tell you how gorgeous that header is of your bunnies...are they shaved angoras? the color of their coat is like nothing i've ever seen before. that sweet photo just made my day, thanks!