Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Monday, March 15, 2010

Anyone Have Plans For An Ark?

We aren't even in the area of the state that is getting the most rain, and it still feels like we might need to start construction on a boat! The weathermen keep saying it's going to get lighter, but I just looked outside and it's raining harder than ever. The local newspaper was filled today with pictures of people being rescued from cars that have tried to go through some of the larger "puddles".  Maybe we will see the sun tomorrow (I'm now singing the song from Annie-be glad there is no audio!).

Today I finished the border for the string quilt, and pieced a back for it. In these pictures, the back is shown with the border edge of the quilt stretched out across it. The "flowers" in the border are small 2 inch pieced squares, applied with a close zigzag. The vine is attached with a wider zigzag stitch, on a rough edge. It is almost symmetrical, but I allowed the leaves and tendrils to come off the vine at slightly different angles on each side, just for fun.  

Tomorrow I will shoo the rabbits from the front room, and use the floor to baste the three scrap drawer quilts. Then I finally get to start quilting them. The quilts, that is, not the rabbits.

Hope your day is sunnier than ours.


Laura Rose said...

The rain...its so wet. i had to load the trailer in the wet...yuck. i really like how the border came out, with the different patterned fabric.

Laura Rose said...

haha hey ma! the rain is wet.