Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A New Bag

Way back in January (why does that seem so long ago?), I showed a bag made for First Daughter. Recently one of my Monday morning quilting buddies decided we should do a project together, and she chose the Bow Tucks Tote pattern from Quilts Illustrated.  This was designed by Penny Sturges, like the bag I made for First Daughter. The fabrics I chose were shown here, and here is the finished product.

For the closure, I didn't have a large button or toggle in a good color. Instead I took a corner of the lining that I cut off while boxing the bottom of the bag, and stitched a smaller button on to it. It seems to do the job, and looks kind of cool.

The inside is roomy, with lots of pockets for phones, notebooks, pens, drawing supplies, etc.

I am very happy with the bag, and highly recommend the pattern. It is easy to follow, and allows a lot of room for creative use of fabric.

One thing that I did change was to use a different fusible batting, because I have had problems with the one called for in the pattern. As it turned out, I liked the one I chose even less. It was too stiff and thick, and left lots of bits of itself around. The remainder actually went into the trash, which doesn't often happen to leftovers around here. Now I am wondering if my issue with fusible batting is really an iron issue. Do you think maybe I need a hotter, or steamier, iron? Have you had some experience with fusible batting not sticking?

Ginny seems to be doing very well the last couple of days, so we may be out of the woods with her GI stasis (knock on wood). Yesterday, we had a little kale competition here.

Ginny (on the left) pulled the kale right out of Weasley's month, and ran into the cage with it. I had to give him a new piece.

Sometimes when she steals a treat from him, she runs around the whole house, and loses the treat along the way!

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birdlady said...

Beautiful bag!
Glad to hear Ginny's doing better! Our bunny won't eat any brassicas - I'm jealous! His favorites are celery and lettuce cores, as well as anything sweet. : )