Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Take Time out From Regularly Scheduled Quilting

to hem THE PROM DRESS. I realize that $20 per layer is probably not minimum wage, but it would have put us over budget.
We're talking 1 layer of dress, 2 layers of lining, and 2 more layers of puffy stuff. So, I'm hemming these acres myself.

It would be easier, perhaps, if the original hem had been straight. And what is it about these fabrics that make the pins come alive, slither out of the fabric, and throw themselves around on the floor?

Frankly, Weasley finds the whole thing exhausting. It make him need a snack.

There's nothing like a good organic apple branch, followed by a nap! Weasley is the one who looks dead. He's not.

And then maybe a little more refueling with some papaya....

Boy is he glad THAT job is done! (You can see that Ginny still has some energy left.)


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Might have been easier to just buy higher heels! $20 a layer? I'm in the wrong business!


Createology said...

That's a lot of hemming! You are so right about the fabric and the pins slithering. Your bunnies are precious. Yummo! An apple branch hmmm...maybe I could lose a few pounds on that snack. LOL
Happy creating...

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Oh your buns are so sweet...I just love their colouring too. Karen, how much papaya do you give them...like is it fresh or do you give it in the human tablet form and than if so half or a quarter??? I am always looking for new treats for the buns...they gobble up vitamin C tablets nicely but we've not yet tried Papaya pills and they won't eat it fresh. Good luck on your dress, looks like alot of work...have a wonderful day and hugs and hellos to Ginny and Weasley:D

Karen M said...

Mary Grace, the girls are not allowed to remove their shoes this year, so higher heels were out. And she does love a stilletto!

Mandy, I used to give them the Oxbow papaya tablets, but they won't touch them since they were reformulated. The tablets that is, not the rabbits. Now I give them bits of dried papaya, two or three small pieces each day. Sometimes I use "people" papaya, sometimes the Sweet Meadow for small animals.

They also love a 1" chunk of fresh pinapple (which also helps with breaking down hair), although Ginny refused it at first. Actually she refuses most things the first few times she gets them.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Oh how I hate sewing slippery stuff like that. I'd rather have a papaya snack with the fuzzy ones. Much better! :)
Don't forget the next BOM is out tomorrow. Fun giveaway too!