Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Friday, April 23, 2010

Verizon Wireless Rant, Or Why I Can't Wait Till My Kids Are Off My Plan And I Can Ditch Verizon And Get A Pay Per Call Phone From Another Company

On Monday evening, Second Daughter broke her phone. She'd be embarrassed if I told you the whole story, but  let's say it resulted from a messy bedroom, involved partial nudity at the top of the stairs, a towel, and some excited gesturing. The phone flew downstairs, and after the crash only the keypad would work. No sound, no pictures. Since my experiences with Verizon have gone decidely downhill over the years, I was not happy. 

Cayuga Lake from Ithaca College, where we were on Wednesday.

I know from experience that I cannot just go to the Verizon store and buy a new phone.  If I did, they would make me increase my 500 minute plan to something much larger. Supposedly they can't offer the 500 minute plan in the store (nice way to alienate customers, IMO). We only use about 150 minutes each month.

So on Tuesday morning, I try to go online, but their website only lets me see one of our 3 lines. Several phone calls, and 2 hours later, I can see all the lines on my computer, but their customer service can't see my account. He tries to walk me through the next steps from memory.

Some sort of art project on campus. There are bags of blood (fake?) hanging from the tree, dripping on the girl, while someone with a huge camera takes pictures.

Instead of pooling phone upgrades that belong to one account, and allowing you to use them on any line, Verizon makes you go through the hassle of "buddy swaps". We had used Second Daughter's upgrade to get First Daughter a new phone in January. Now we need to use First Daughter's upgrade to get a phone for the second. I had to act like I was getting a phone for first, who ended up getting a message that she no longer had text messaging.

Goose on Her Nest, Ithaca College

The next day on Wednesday, we had to make sure First had her phone turned off, or her's would be deactivated, and the new phone activated as hers. Remember, she's off at college. And she once flushed on a guy in our septic tank after just being told not to flush. Wasn't sure how this would work out, plus I had to go to Ithaca College on Wednesday with Second, for a tour. The Man in the House would have to handle the activation. It would supposedly be no problem, he just neeeded my ID Number. Wrong. While on campus, I had to call in, and add him as an account manager, create a new password, etc. OK, he goes to activate, it works fine, First had her's turned off (good girl). Everything should be OK.

Peace Pole, Ithaca College

Next step, transfering the data. Customer service said no problem, take it to the store, they will transfer your numbers and pictures. We couldn't back it up online, because it didn't work.The store only transfers the numbers for him. Meanwhile, we have had a fine time on campus, spent the night with my parents, and returned home on Thursday.

Farm along Route 88, New York

Where I returned to the store to ask them to transfer the photos. They said they couldn't. I said you have done it for me 3 or 4 times in the past. They said they haven't done it for years, because it destroys phones. I reminded them that they had done this for me in January. They said they could sell me a memory chip that I could put into the old phone, to retrieve the pictures, and then I could keep them forever (remember, if I buy from them, they up my minutes?). And that is when I lost my temper, in a not pretty fashion. I have to say I am very sorry for raising my voice to a clerk (although they really don't have to use that smug, you poor, stupid, un-tech savy, old woman attitude, do they?).

Second Daughter no longer has her pictures. And as soon as the kids are out on their own, I'm ditching Verizon. There is no reason this has to be so hard, other than that they are trying to confuse you, or extort you, into spending more money.

Out my back door, Thursday evening just the barest hint of a rainbow.

I'm calm now. Although I'm wondering what unexpected surprise I might get when I get the bill, because the paperwork in the phone box does not match what I am seeing online for my account.....AAAAGH!

Anyway, if you ever get a chance to walk around Ithaca College campus, take it. It's absolutely breathtaking. So is their tuition, but I'll save the FAFSA rant for another day. 

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birdlady said...

OH-my-gosh. You did much better than I did when I was trying to fix Second's problem with Dell. They really don't want to help you, and they really do want you to spend all your money there.

It was jarring to the senses to read your account while viewing the lovely photos. Did you do that to calm us, or yourself? LOL

It was fun doing the college visits. I get a second chance at it looking at grad schools this spring. Maybe just one.