Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Giving It A Try

Well, Juliet has me convinced to give NaPoWriMo a try. Since I'm new at this, I decided to start the easy way, with a found poem. I grabbed some junk mail from recycling (AAA's Horizons newspaper, if you want to know), and ripped out a page. It happened to be a page of restaurant reviews by the Phantom Gourmet, followed by an article about potholes. I circled a bunch of phrases, wrote them in my notebook, and started playing around. This is the result.


     On your next pleasure trip,
               Why go to another boring restaurant?
     Jump straight from your car, and follow
               The unusual noises and vibrations.
     This is no ordinary restaurant.
     There is a Jimmy Buffet cover band.
     There is a full-fledged book and music store.
     There is an exciting dueling piano show.
     It is important to stay focused here.
     But, if it is already too late,
               Zip yourself into a red jumpsuit,
               And browse the shelves.
     Strategize the next round of requests.
     The DJ spins tunes to a majestic new level,
     And once the music is flowing,
               No one ever seems to mind
               If there is a wait for a table.


I have a feeling that this restaurant might be owned by the same group of venture capitalists who own the Hotel California. You might want to be careful.....


speedyrabbit said...

well I have never heard of napowrimo
be for but I do like the end result,xx Rachel

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

How totally fun is this! Love it!

Mr. Mick and Jade said...

Do the buns get to nibble on your poetry once you're done? :D