Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday In The Garden

What a gorgeous day today was! While Second Daughter took herself to another Memorial Day Ceremony, I was able to find time to walk around the garden. The Butter and Sugar Irises are in full bloom.

The nameless purple irises that came from my Mother's garden are almost done. I've always loved the soft color of these.

And the Immortality Iirises are almost done for the spring, and probably for the year. They are supposed to rebloom in the fall, but we usually get a frost that spoils the blossoms just before they open.

Second Daughter's yellow rose, which almost died last year, is making a comeback.

First Daughter's garden was full of Lupine this year, after having almost none last year. It is pretty much hiding the pink rose on the trellis.

And, I had to move the Lupine to find the poppies that are starting to pop up. Aren't they strange looking?

This phlox was called Ozarkana in the catalog I bought it from many years ago (I haven't seen it anywhere since then). It's kind of weedy, but I think it is beautiful, so I let it grow where it will. It doesn't stay long, but I look forward to it every year.


My favorite sight in the garden this week is the rugosa rose flanked by the Purple Nine Bark shrub. The first flush of roses is passing, but the scent is still heavenly, and I love these colors together.

And in a preview for next week, the yucca buds are sprouting, and we should soon have a nice bunch of tall white blossoms glowing against the dark brown of the house.

It is supposed to be a perfect gardening weekend around here. Hope you have a fine holiday weekend as well.


Katie :o) said...

Oh, beautiful! beautiful! beautiful! I am ever envious of people with green thumbs. I seem to have two left ones... neither of them green :o) Your gardens are gorgeous! Have a happy weekend!

Michelle May said...

A gorgeous garden! Of course, all the white flowers are my favorites! ;)