Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trouble In The Air

This past weekend was another weekend of travelling back and forth to North Adams to bring First Daughter home to work. When I picked her up, I saw this:

Her friend, daughter of  the Birdlady over at Wool On The Brain has been practicing her henna art. Here is a close-up:

She also had a beautiful design covering most of her stomache, but I will be a nice Mom, and not show that off!

So Monday and Tuesday  I started trying to play catch-up, but it didn't go well. Wednesday (was that only yesterday?) at 12:30 a.m. we woke to a bat in the house, which resulted in The Man of the House coming into contact with the bat. 

Now, we had a bat last year, which we caught and had tested. The man in charge of the local health department was angry with us, saying we were just supposed to let it go. So that is what we did this time. But after not sleeping the rest of the night, we looked on the Internet, and all advice (including the state health department) says we should have caught it and had it tested.  We called our doctors, who weren't very concerned, and said not to bother about it. But then the pediatrician said maybe we should check with the emegency room, since they handle these things.

It turns out the emergency room calls the state epidemiologist for this, and each event is handled on a case by case basis. Because the Man touched the bat, and we were sleeping when it arrived, they decided it was imperative that we have shots. Apparently you can be bitten in your sleep, and not know it. We started  the shots yesterday afternoon, and have 3 more to go over the next couple weeks.

They said to call the vet about the rabbits. He said just watch them, and keep them on strict conefinement (that is, no running loose outside the house) for 6 months. Or euthanize them. You can guess what we are choosing. I really wish they had shots for rabbits like they do for dogs and cats. If any of you rabbit people have any information on this subject, could you pass it along?

Now we are attempting to have the house de-batted. Complications? Of course! Only special bat people can do it. We need a new roof, which would undo the sealing job the bat people do. One bat guy does roofs, too, but his contractors license may not be up to date. Other roofers can't come right away. After the end of May, you can't remove them till August, because of BREEDING season!  

I'm sorry, I try to be as eco-friendly as anybody, but that is ridiculous. They can go breed in a cave, not my house!

After two nights of not much sleep, I am going to try to work with these today.

Or I may just sleep, and work throught the night, staying up to watch out for my house guests!

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Mary Grace McNamara said...

Ugh! No fun at your house Karen! Nice fabrics though!