Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crossing Bridges

Late Friday night I returned home to find a package waiting for me from The Raspberry Rabbits. I was too tired to open it then, but on Saturday morning, I discovered this inside.

And hiding underneath all this brightly colored fleece was the bunny and mug that I had won in her recent give-away. Thanks, Shell. I love it all, and it made me smile at a time when I'm feeling down.

We had just returned from Pittsburgh, where we left our First Daughter. She will be there for the next two years, for graduate school. I had forgotten how big and overwhelming, and confusing Pittsburgh is. This is quite a change for a kid who grew up in a small city, and has spent the last two years in a rural town. I might not have been able to leave her if it were not for her Aunt and Uncle who live about a 30 minute drive from her apartment.

In Pittsburgh, you are always crossing bridges. What more can you expect in a city based around the merging of three rivers?  This is from a bridge.

Upstream are more bridges, and downstream are even more.

Some of the bridges are very fancy. This has horses leaping in every direction, carrying what look like earths? Not sure, and the picture isn't great. I'm wondering if they do bridge tours, maybe from the water? I'll have to look into this.

And here is my girl, unpacking in her new apartment.

I guess she will be crossing lots of bridges, literally and figuratively in the next couple of years. I just wish I weren't a 12 hour car ride away! But I know she will be working hard, and achieving her goals. Good luck, Sweetheart. We are pulling for you!


Michelle May said...

Good luck at school! How exciting for her and sad for you Karen. I know the distance makes it even harder. Glad you got the package. I wanted you to have the wool since you like to felt. I knew I would never use it and thought you could do something fun with it.
Hugs for your heart and best wishes for your daughter.
xx, shell

Katie :o) said...

I'll bet home is always a short phone call away :o) Wishing the whole family all the best!

Lisa said...

Don't be sad. Your daughter is a big girl and I'm sure she'll be fine and brave and maybe even love being a city girl! I find that people our age always seem to seek the unknown: the city kids want the country, the country kids want the city. They don't always adjust as well as they thought they would, but it's a good experience.

Good luck in grad school, 1st daughter! I start today, too!