Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Rest Of The Story

You may be wondering how that cake from yesterday turned out. Well, after a lot more baking time, it still did not cook through, so it ended uop like this.

I have made some incredible cakes from this cookbook, but this was not one of them.

I'm thinking the problem may have been that Ms. Purdy's idea of a large carrot is very different from what a large carrot looks like around here.

"We don't want any stinking small carrots around here", says Ginny. 
"Unless there is a lot of them, that is", adds Weasley.

Anyway, I went off to the grocery to buy a cake, only to find none available. But they did have a box, a familiar red box, that said CARROT in large letters. In small letters it said it had real "carrot flavored pieces". Yikes! Not something that would usually fly around here, but we were getting desparate.

Luclily, the Girl was coming home late from band practice, so I was able to make and ice a cake from the box. The icing was made with real cream cheese and butter, so that part was OK.

After all that, the cake did a good job of holding the candles.


Wishes were made.


 If you look closely at the picture above, you will see that the Girl "helped" with the candles, and blew a card onto the cake!The birthday wishes must have included not burning up the card (or house), for which I am very grateful!

"It looks like a big waste of carrots to me, Ginny."
"You're actually right about something for once, Dad. I totally disapprove of this story!"


Lisa said...

Hah, the doubleheaded disapproval monster! Are they really father/daughter?

Michelle May said...

Oh my...again...to funny!! Disapproving rabbits at their best. :)
Happiest of birthday's to the man of the house!
xx, shell

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Happy birthday to Mr. M! The cake looks good, and no one really has to know it came from a box, right? I won't tell!

That last picture really does look like a two headed rabbit!


The Fab Furs said...

Pity about the "real" cake. But homemade frosting does have magical powers. The buns are probably worried that their carrot stashes of the future will be decimated by other cake attempts.

Katie :o) said...

Too funny! Waste of good carrots :o) I can picture the buns thinking that! Such personality :o)

Wendy said...

What gorgeous bunnies! Bet they take a lot of brushing? They must be well worth it though, I want to pick them up and cuddle them!