Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Friday, September 24, 2010

Someone Started The Weekend Early!

I looked out across the garden after lunch today, and saw the Neighborhood Lion starting his weekend partying early. He was really hitting the catmint hard.

I don't know how long he was out there before I saw him, but it was another 5 minutes before I got my camera.

He didn't even notice when I walked right up to him.

He just kept rolling and writhing.

Occasionally he paused to take a big sniff.

And he chinned the catmint,  so the other neighborhood cats would recognize his dominance.

Then he passed out.

He had a good long nap, before he got up and walked off like nothing had happened. I wonder what he has planned for the rest of the weekend! And, I hope you all have a great weekend also.


d. moll, l.ac. said...

My goodness that looks like fun!

bunnits said...

That is just too cute. Thanks for the smiles.

The Fab Furs said...

His inner cat was recharged by your catmint. Now he's all set for the weekend. Enjoy yours too!

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

Ah ha ha ha, I cannot believe your patch of catmint is so big. My Tika kitty likes to eat the plants down to the roots. I had one plant he even dug his face into the ground and ate the roots! He had dirt packed up his nose for weeks!

Michelle May said...

Ahhhhhhhhh! haaa! haaa! haaa! Party on! OMG this is too funny! I guess I find it extra funny because I have close friends that do the same thing with beer on Friday nights!
xx, shell

Lisa said...

HAHAHA. The neighborhood lion probably staggered home, swore off catmint for the rest of his life before he passed out again, slept for two days, and then headed back for more!

Gina said...

So adorable!!