Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It Started Off With The Coffee Pot Overflowing

So 2011 isn't off to the greatest start around here. It started out with the coffee pot pulling it's favorite trick of overflowing the pot, and depositing grounds into the coffee, bright and early on January 1st. And then the whirlpool tub wouldn't work, because of some unusual wiring that was uncovered during the work on the house. Work to fix that now has both bathrooms in a semi-functional state, and there is a hole in the Second Daughter's closet. And we discovered we have mice. And the bats are back. And Ginny has a new round of lumps on her muzzle, which hopefully won't get as big as that earlier one that kept her from eating. Yeah, 2011! 

So for today's List-it-Tuesday (yes, I finally figured out that it is Tuesday), I decided to go back to a happy list from just after Christmas. This had to have been one of the weirdest lists I have ever gone to the grocery store with.

My Sister-In-Law had declared that we all had to partake in a Cupcake War. Each family group had to make some, as well as my parents, and some of her neighbors, too! This is one of my youngest nieces, in her new chef's hat, working hard.

And her sister, also hard at work. They took their cupcakes seriously, and did not make even one gray-brown mash as their father might have done (that's the color he always made his Easter eggs).

My Mom, with her contribution. Technically, it was also my father's, but he was busy farther down the table. 

And here he is with my Daughters, supervising (OK, doing Sudoku) as they make their Ladybugs. 

I didn't get any photos of the Big Competition, but all the cupcakes tasted great. Well; maybe not all, but the bacon ones really weren't that bad. And there was a lot of laughter, so that means it was a definite success.

Over the rest of the Holiday Break, I couldn't get near the computer at any time of day when my brain was functional (too much homework/long-term project work going on), but it's good to be back now. I hope everyone out there is having a great start to their New Year. I'm stocking up on rabbit treats, and hoping for the best. 

As always,  for more fun check out Artseyville for Aimee's list, and links to many more. 


The Fab Furs said...

Hugs for Ginny. It always seems that when you have work done, a domino effect ensues. You have such a warm and friendly house, that of course all the neighborhood critters want to join you! They're not stupid enough to stay out in the snow and cold when a better opportunity presents itself. The year is early yet, you might look back on these days as good times.

natalee said...

AWWWWWW poor Ginny!!!!!! I love the cupcake wars... but O chuckled at the antenae on the list!!!!!!!!!!

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Things can only look up from here I 'spose. My car got smashed up in a parking lot on NYE afternoon, luckily no bunnies were in it. All our best wishes for a quick healing for Ginny.

Jade said...

We'll be thinking many good thoughts for a quick recovery for Ginny.

As to the rest of it, I think it must be a New Year's thing for inanimate objects to go haywire. I just had to buy a new printer/fax/acanner after my less-than-a-year-old one suddenly crapped out (it's being sent for repairs under warranty and will become my backup printer) because the business can't go on without a printer for invoices, etc.

Cupcakes make things like that all better, though--mmmmmmmmm, cupcakes. Wish I could have been there to judge the war efforts. :)

Michelle May said...

It's the year of the rabbit. It's only going to get better. Be gone all you naughty things!! Dag nab it good will overcome naughty this year!!!
xx, shell