Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ship Me To Where????

Hi, Everybunny! Hope you all got lots of treats for the Holidays. My Mom had to give me lots of treats after my Sister tried to ship me away on New Years Day. Here is how it happened.

This box arrived from Long Island, Land of Good Boxes. It had green spots that smelled funny on the side, so I had to check it out.

Then suddenly, my Sister, who thought she was special just because she was visiting from Pittsburgh, scooped me up. I didn't have time to bite her.

It wasn't very nice inside. No hay at all! Not even any blankets or towels to eat.

Nothing on the other side, either. But I let them get a good view of my backside. Unfortunately, they were not paying attention.

I had to try to get out myself, but there wasn't room for a good jump, and my nails couldn't get a grip to climb out.

So, I told Mom to get me out NOW. And she did.

Believe me, they felt the flick of my back feet. And that sound I heard as I ran away must have been Mom and my Sister crying. They wouldn't have dared to laugh. 

Hoppy New Year Everybun, and watch out for those funny-smelling boxes.


The Fab Furs said...

Poor Ginny, you have so much more training left to do with those people.

Gina said...

Oh Ginny you do tell it well! (no lol here)

Jade said...

Poor Ginny--Mickey says he feels your pain, as he too has a sibling who likes to pull stunts like that. He recommends giving all your sister's stuff a good chinning to show her who is the bunny in charge.

Lisa said...

Poor Ginny. I would tell you how Biffy would give her a piece of his mind, but I think your mom might be mad at me (it involves marking all of her stuff, and not with his chin...)

Why are humans such evil torturous people?

Michelle May said...

Oh Ginny....they are so naughty!!! Thank goodness they didn't laugh at you!
xx, shell

Katie :o) said...

Too cute!

natalee said...

awwwwww poor baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!

Natascha said...

those buns are so cute they almost look fake. Beautiful. I've never seen any like them before and sure wouldn't mind having one like that one day...